Mavens101.com is a women’s resource to self-awareness, mindfulness, and positivity. Founded by Strategic Life Coach, Geneen Wright, to help women of all backgrounds garner clarity to align their lives and goals and reach their full potential. 


While we are all Mavens of something, through Mavens101, our community will become mavens of self. 

To know yourself is to love yourself. To love yourself is to understand what you want, and to establish and express your boundaries. In mixing and matching these skills; you will find routines that work for you. See yourself, your capabilities, and your life steps through Mavens 101.com.


Over the last ten years, I juggled motherhood and my career as a business consultant. Both roles comprise managing people and processes – helping my children and companies maximize their potentials. Now, I couple my career and life experiences with my training from coaching luminaries Tony Robbins and Chloe Mandanes to add to my roles; Life Coach, specializing in Strategic Intervention.

You see, I went through my life transitions, including-postpartum depression, childhood, and marital trauma. I was fortunately supported by loved ones and professionals as needed. I healed. My most affirming and powerful experience, as I went through my metamorphosis, was in retraining my mind and behaviors to be the woman I am today-centered, happy, thriving, and glowing.


Know this; Mavens 101 is my way of paying it forward.  Here I offer life skills and tactics to help women achieve clarity, purpose, and fulfillment.  I am living testament that you can accomplish all things through self-clarity and self-connection.   

Enough about me for now, you will get to know more of me and my journey as I share tools and provide background and context.

Think of me as a guide, a raft, and beguiled spectator as you become a maven of self.