Be Boastful

Join Mavens 101’s Founder and Strategic Coach, Geneen Wright, as she guides you to greatness!  Become a Maven of Self with self-awareness  tools that promote personal insights, positivity, and productive habits. 


I am Geneen Wright, a full-time mother of 2 daughters, a sometimes (schedule permitting) business consultant, a knowledge thirsty woman who thrives in conversation, arts, travel, and sharing with others. I am also a personal strategic coach.


My career and life experiences lend to my training as a life coach, where I specialize in Strategic Intervention. I guide my clients through problem-solving life transitions, be it career, marriage, divorce, empty nest or general goal setting, and achievement.


You see, I went through my life transitions, including-postpartum depression, childhood, and marital trauma. Fortunately, I was supported by loved ones and professionals as needed. I healed. My most affirming and powerful experience was in retraining my mind and behaviors. You see, I realized that I could not merely talk about my pain or transfer it onto something or someone else. I needed to transform my pain I needed to become better. To do better and be better. Through my metamorphosis, I became the woman I am today-centered, happy, thriving, and glowing.

Geneen and Daughters


I created, a women’s resource to self-awareness, mindfulness, and positivity, and to help women garner clarity to align their lives and goals. What is a maven, really? A maven is an expert, and my goal with Mavens 101 is to guide women to become experts of self. Here, you will find articles and worksheets designed to push the way you think about yourself, your relationships, your career, and everything you do. You will be able to practice retaining your mind to focus on what matters to you, lead with intent, and live with purpose.  


You will learn life skills and tactics to achieve clarity, purpose, and fulfillment. Join the mavens 101 community on Social Media, Youtube, or mavens for updates, and you can also book a personal session with me or join one of the workshops I offer each month.


I am living testament that by changing your outlook for the better, you can change yourself for the best.

Think of me as a guide, a raft, and a fan as you become a maven of self.