Be Boastful

Join Mavens 101’s Founder and Strategic Coach, Geneen Wright, as she guides you to greatness!  Become a Maven of Self with awareness tools that promote personal insights, self-esteem, and productive habits. 


I am Geneen Wright, a full-time mother of 2 daughters, a sometimes (schedule permitting) business consultant, a knowledge thirsty woman who thrives in conversation, arts, travel, and sharing with others. I am also a strategic coach.

My career and life experiences lend to my coaching practice, where I specialize in Strategic Intervention. I guide my clients through problem-solving life transitions, be it career, marriage, divorce, empty nest or general goal setting, and achievement.

Mavens 101


I created, a resource to self-awareness, mindfulness, and positivity, to help garner clarity to align their lives and goals. What is a maven, really? A maven is an expert, and Mavens 101 is a guide to self-expertise. Here, you will find articles and work designed to challenge  the way you think about yourself, relationships, your career, and your actions.


You will learn life skills and tactics to achieve clarity, purpose, and fulfillment. 


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