A Maven is an expert. We are not born mavens. We become mavens. But one does not become a Maven overnight, you learn over time. You learn from knowledge and with practice.  

Become a Maven of SELF with mavens101.com-a Maven’s life toolbox-a guide to self-clarity and connection.

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When you know yourself you are able to love, nurture, and grow yourself. 

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Weekly Positivity Challenge

Challenge your thoughts! This week's exercise is a coping tool for when your mind starts to wonders into doomsday scenarios!
The Practice

April Self-Awareness Exercise

Visit 12 Months of Self-Awareness where life coaching Maven, Geneen Wright, shares a new exercise designed to promote self-awareness. This month, Find your times to shine with this month's self-awareness activity-The Mavens 101 Shine Tracker!
The Practice

7 Ways to Calm Anxiety

How can we cope? Say, I can and I will cope. Then, try these 7 steps to calm your fears, tension, and stress. Includes a demonstration from Pilates Coach, Elvy.
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Clarity and Connection Chats

You asked and Geneen answered. Get things done! Mavens 101 Clarity and Connection's 10 strategies to avoid procrastinating. Mix and match these tactics to keep moving!


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Jalapeño & Cheddar Cornbread

Chef La's yummy and easy to make cornbread. Get the recipe now!

A Woke Mavens Guide to Shopping

As an industry, fashion alone produces at least 10% of humanity's carbon emissions. So what's a maven to do?
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