A Maven is an expert, expertise that comes from lessons and with practice. Join Mavens 101's Founder and Strategic Coach, Geneen Wright, as she guides you to your greatness!  Become a Maven of Self with self-development tools that promote personal insights, positivity, and productive habits. 
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Self-Development Quizzes

Reading Time: < 1 minute Quiz yourself and take the first step to owning your self-development. Mavens 101 quizzes provide a spark of clarity and a resource to guide.

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Rid Yourself of Doubt

Reading Time: 5 minutes Get the tactics to renew your faith in yourself. Rid yourself of doubt by systematically silencing negativity, inside and out.

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Change for the Better

Change For the Better

Reading Time: 4 minutes This week’s lesson focuses on positive change by utilizing some previously taught soft skills. Specifically, let’s use self-knowledge, awareness, and memory to manifest positive and productive change. You have all the tools you need to evolve for the better, but I add some mavens 101 strategy and resources to the mix. Let’s go!

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Personal Development Series

Reading Time: < 1 minute Practice makes progress! Watch personal development videos and work the tools designed to accompany each video. Start or continue your journey to personal excellence with Mavens 101 for proactive, focused, and smart growth.

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