What is a Maven?

A Maven is an expert expertise that comes from knowledge and with practice.

Become a maven of self with self-development resources that will empower you as you journey towards proactive, focused, and smart growth.

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Making the workplace & world a better place one human at a time.

Mavens 101 is a resource for self-enlightenment and self-development. Our founder and Strategic Development Leader, Geneen Wright, designs courses and tools to enlighten, align, and guides toward becoming a maven. Anyone can become a maven; it takes knowledge and practice to achieve fulfillment and self-expertise one life skill at a time.

Everyone needs a little inspiration! Here we provide targeted and purposefully uplifting content to enhance your vibe-including affirmations and journaling exercises.
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Learn the basics and start to build yourself with Life Skill 101 articles and tactics that serve as an excellent base from which you will self-elevate.
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In changing ourselves for the better we change our perceptions internally and externally for the better

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