What is a Maven?
A Maven is an expert, expertise that comes from knowledge and with practice.
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Use Mavens 101 self-development tools which promote personal insights, positivity, and productive habits. 
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Strategic Coach Geneen Wright with proactive, focused, and smart growth in mind.
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12 Days of Self Development

12 Days of Self-Development

Reading Time: 6 minutes Sow and Nurture your need for growth, contribution, variety, significance, connection, and stability with this 12-day plan. Check-in daily at Mavens101.com for “12 Days to Get Yourself Together” and receive more elaboration and details.

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Gratitude 101

Gratitude 101

Reading Time: < 1 minute Gratitude 101 is the latest from Mavens 101 Self-Development series. In this lesson, Geneen uses intrapersonal intelligence to offer a holistic gratitude practice plan.

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Time Management 101

Reading Time: < 1 minute Time management is commitment and communication. It’s not a myth, but it does take effort. Make the decision to become a Time Management Maven, creating balance, and enhance your goal setting and achieving.

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Self-Development Quizzes

Reading Time: < 1 minute Quiz yourself and take the first step to owning your self-development. Mavens 101 quizzes provide a spark of clarity and a resource to guide.

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Weekly Affirmations Video

Reading Time: 2 minutes Browse the videos to discover the power of affirmations. Then visit the Mavens 101 Life Kit for savable reminders of your fantastic self.

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Work life balance

3 Life Skills for Work and Life Balance

Reading Time: 2 minutes Work-life balance is possible. We can all practice three skills to make our careers and life work for us-in tandem. Know that you can’t be all things to all people, then plan and act accordingly.

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