A Maven is an expert. We are not born mavens. We become mavens. But one does not become a Maven overnight, you learn over time. You learn from knowledge and with practice.  

Become a Maven of SELF with Maven’s life toolbox-a guide to self-clarity and connection.

Join our community to understand your drivers and meet your goals.  Create a routine:

When you know yourself you are able to love, nurture, and grow yourself. 

The Practice

Mavens 101 Life Toolkit

Weekly Positivity Challenge

Discover the secret to fostering positivity and productivity with weekly lessons and reinforcements on staying positive and impactful.
The Practice

February Self-Awareness Exercise

Visit 12 Months of Self-Awareness where Mavens 101 Founder and Robbins Madanes trained coach, Geneen Wright, shares a new exercise, Monthly. These activities are designed to promote self-awareness. This month is all about practicing self-love.
The Practice

Rid Yourself of Doubt

The future starts now; take your first step-to rid yourself of doubt.
The Practice
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The Covet

Maven Worthy Trends

Essentials to Layer

Layer your outfits as the weather switches and sways from cold mornings to warm afternoons to cool evenings. Mavens 101 has you covered.
The Covet

The Guide

Maven Advice and Tips

Conversation Starters

Try these conversation starters as you mix and mingle.
The Guide

2 Days in Legoland

Plan your next trip to Legoland like a wiz. Take note of these tips for a smooth and fun trip to Legoland, California.
Travel Guide

Marrakech-A Maven's Travel

When two mommas decide to take an epic trip, where do you go? You rock the Kasbah! A Woman's guide to travel in Marrakech and beyond.
Travel Guide

The Digital Guide

Reviews on Podcast, Apps, etc...