What is a Maven?

A Maven is an expert, expertise that comes from knowledge and with practice.
Become a maven of self with self-guided coaching and tools for proactive, focused, and smart growth.

Proactive. Focused. Smart Growth

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Reminding women to never doubt themselves & their worth

Mavens 101.com is a resource for self-development, positivity, and productivity. Our founder and Strategic Coach, Geneen Wright, designs courses and content to enlighten, align, and inspire mavens to achieve fulfillment and reach their goals. 

Start your self-development journey with self-discovery quizzes to garner self-knowledge.
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Starter tools and tactics for proactive, focused, and smart growth.
Leadership Feature
Inspiration and Q&A from boss ladies at all stages on their career journey.
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We organize enhancing events for Women & Girls

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January 2021

Write your resolutions with vision and a little help from Mavens 101. gather with other Mavens to create your 2021 vision board, using Mavens 101 Vision Kit© and Mavens Vision Statement Template©.


Journaling provides an outlet.  It is the most simple tool we have for self-awareness, enlightenment, and therefore development.  Join Geneen for a Mavens 101 Journaling workshop to start or enhance your mindful and healing practice of writing to yourself, for yourself.

Be The Change
In changing ourselves for the better we change our perceptions internally and externally for the better
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