What is a Maven?

A Maven is an expert expertise that comes from knowledge and with practice.

Become a maven of self with self-development resources that will empower you as you journey towards proactive, focused, and smart growth.

About us

Making the world a better place one human at a time.

Mavens 101 is a self-development resource. Our founder and Strategic Development Leader, Geneen Wright, designs courses and tools to enlighten, align, and guide toward your evolution. Garner self-knowledge and practice life-skills using Mavens 101 tactics. Then, take your self-development to the next level by enrolling in The Mavens 101 Life Strategy Course, where Geneen provides in-depth instruction and life-skill work, graduating you to become a maven of self. Everything you need for self-development is here at Mavens 101.


Everyone needs a little inspiration to elevate their self-development. Here we cultivate purposefully uplifting life-skill centric content to enhance your vibe-including affirmations and journaling exercises.


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Learn the basics of self-development with Mavens 101 life-skills and tactics that serve as a spring board towards outlining your values, finding your purpose and passions so you can start to live your life with intent.
Mavens 101

When you sign up to become a member, here at Mavens 101 you are in great company! Members participate in fun sessions, in which Geneén launches a new life-skill work and tactics.    

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Gather to Engage and Develop

Attend one of Geneen’s sessions to learn how to implement and continue your life-skills practice.  Sessions include: journaling, creating your personal framework, finding your purpose, and more self-development centric topics.      

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Mavens 101 is a mirror to your true self
Self-Development is defining who you are then getting busy living and evolving.

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