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Weekly Wellness Guide [Week One]

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New Year, now what? 

This year resolutions may fall flat; after all, who knows what will come next. However, we can continue to focus on being our best selves.  But how can we become more specific in our plans and, therefore, in our actions toward self-betterment?  This quest is part of our weekly journey here at Maven 101.  Besides outlining your values to define your goals, we will continue our holistic approach to self-development day by day, week by week, month by month, which will turn into your routine to become a maven of self.  Below is week one in our Weekly Wellness Guide featuring daily actionable and accountable tactics to enhance your life essence.  

How To

Each week we highlight a daily call to action.  These self-care prompts are followed by supporting journal prompts designed to capture your enlightenment and insightfulness as you complete each task.  Then, sign up, and join our monthly check-ins where we share our learnings and Geneén shares some activities for the following month.   

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Mindful Monday

We start the week by clearing our minds to welcome our mental and physical rebirth. We bury what was to reveal what is and manifest what will be.


Start the day with the five-finger breathing method.

Open the palm of one hand; wide.

Now, starting from your pinky-use the pointer finger from your other hand to trace each finger.  

Inhale as you trace up and exhale as you trace down the side of each finger.  

Journal Entry

Once you complete your breathing meditation, WRITE.  Starting with your clear mind, allow your writing to guide your thoughts.  Be judgment-free.  There are no expectations, no agenda; this is a moment to release, expound and expand as your mind connects with your being through the action of writing. 

Tuneful Tuesday

Music heals, music reflects, music evokes, music is power.


Listen to your favorite song.

Journal Entry

  • Why do you love this song?
  • How does this song make you feel?
  • Does this song evoke memories? Write about the memory.
  • Make a list of your favorite songs; Note how each makes you feel.  

Follow Up

Make playlists of your favorite songs to heal, reflect, or invite joy into your heart.  

Well Done Wednesday

There is a time and a place for all things; I decide the time and put myself in the place to bring all things for me into fruition.


Do something that needs to be done.

Journal Entry

  • How does taking on this project make you feel?
  • What did you learn by doing?
  • Why do you believe you procrastinated?
  • Did You finish?   How will you celebrate?
  • Do you have more work to do?  How can you celebrate your progress?

Follow Up

Celebrate yourself.  

Thoughtful Thursday

Do unto others as others have paved the way. Being kind is not complicated; in my experience, there is already a template laid out before you.


Think of a time when someone did something kind for you. Remind them how grateful you are for their action.

Journal Entry

  • How can you pay their good act forward?

Follow Up

Do one kind act.  

Family Friday

Some childhood practices still have a place in my adult life. Show and tell is one of them. I will show you and tell you how I feel.


  • Create art based on a fond family memory. 
  • Share your creation and the supporting memory with your family.

Journal Entry

  • How did bringing the memory to life make you feel?
  • Describe the outcome of your show and tell.

Follow Up

Share this post with your family and friends to activate their daily self-care.  

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