How to Visualize

Visualization 101

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You can see through it, if you put your mind to it.  The practice of visualization is a mindful tool to manifest your goals by using your thoughts to propel you to action. So don’t just dream it you think it, say it, believe it. Instead, devote time to meditate on your future, then snap to it and make a plan to get it done.

Relax and Release

Create Blank Space

Find a zen space, free from distraction. Make yourself comfortable, create blank space by voiding your mind of all thoughts and clutter. Next, envision your favorite color. Imagine yourself going into the shade and simply existing in that blankly peaceful space.


Commit to your vision

Now, while existing in your space of zen, tune into the rest of your senses.
Breathe in and hold your breath for a 3 count 1-2-3.
Repeat until deeper into your calm.
Focus on your breathing and the calming sensation that is coming over your body.


Now imagine your moment of achievement.
Then imagine your life after achieving.
Think of the output from attaining this goal. How it will change your life
Hone in on the emotions produced from your visualization.
Take the time you need to bask in your vision.


Now it is time to own your vision. Wake up. Journal your thoughts, feelings, and write down three steps you will take toward your goal.

Create Your Routine

Continue practicing your visualizations, being sure to own them, and plan steps after each mindful meditation session devoted to your goal.

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