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Having kids is always making me do things I told myself I would NEVER do. I can just hear myself saying, “Motherhood will not change me.” Then I became a mother and thus, the first chapter of, momma plans, and my kids laugh.

I knew that taking my kids to Legoland was a must.  A dreaded must, but a must nonetheless. I put off this excursion as long as I could then, my oldest daughter’s obsession with all things Lego deepened. So like any Momma, worth the title, I put on my super momma cape and planned a bday getaway for her. I went in with a one and done mentality-I will do it this once and never go back. How did we do?  My kids had a blast, I was pleasantly surprised, and we are going back for baby girl’s bday in the Fall.  And this one, puts me at chapter 1000 in my momma plans, and my kids laugh chronicles.  


Okay, let me be 100. I will pay for every comfort and convenience within reason.  Keep that thought in mind as I give you the Mavens101 lowdown on how I made Legoland fun for the whole family.

I started looking at vacation packages well in advance of my expected March travel dates. I signed up for travel updates and deals at Legoland.com which enabled me to score a deal that gave us the 2nd day in park free with a two-night stay. 

Take the Easy Route

Explore alternate ways of commuting to Legoland. We took Amtrak from LA-Union Station to Ocean City and a car service to the hotel. I was grateful for the decision as we whizzed past the traffic on PCH and arrived two hours before friends who opted to drive.

Go in Spring and Fall- when it is not too hot, not cold, nor overly crowded. 

pleasant weather = pleasant people

Should I Stay or Should I Go​

There was no way I was going to Legoland and coming back the same day. Day trips trigger my Cinderella syndrome. The big clock in my momma brain gongs and I start packing up my family’s things, throwing them into the trunk and my girls into the back seat as I try to beat LA traffic. You guessed it, thanks to my one and done agenda I opted to stay.

Stay two nights if you can swing it, this gives you time to plan an itinerary that does not feel rushed. Our two nights allowed us to spend one full day in the park, followed by dinner and arcade fun, with rest time scheduled in as needed.

One of my favorite parts of the trip was talking to my happy girls as we strolled through Miniland USA. The following day we spent the morning and afternoon in the parks, before we enjoyed dinner and a movie poolside.  2 days allowed me to set a pace where we enjoyed the sites, activities, attractions and most importantly, each another.  

Get Digital

Download the Legoland App before you go. The app enables you make reservations and map your visit, before arrival. Preplan so you can hit the ground running.

Another way you can get the jump on things is to get  Reserve -N- Ride.  This ride scheduling service is designed to reduce wait time and add a sense of ease as you make your way through the park. There are several price points: Express reduces your wait time by 25%, Deluxe by 50%, and Ultimate by 95%. I chose deluxe for myself and my girls, which was perfect since it gave us time to have fun playing games and snacking while we waited for our next attraction’s time slot.

Be a Wiz

Text Legoland’s Service Wizard,  a concierge service at your finger tips. You can order room service, rent a poolside cabana, ask random questions etc… by texting the wizard a friendly Legoland staff member is at your service.

The Dish

There are options to eat healthy, or however you wish at Legoland.  There is a wide variety of cuisines; from Asian cuisine in Ninja’s Kitchen and Wok and Bowl Ramen to American Classics like Fun Town’s Urban Kitchen and Knights Smokehouse BBQ. All of which are remarkable amusement park eats. I found the food to be well seasoned and well prepared. If you have ever eaten at an amusement park, you know this is pretty exceptional. Try the brisket sandwich from the Garden Deli and Cafe directly above Miniland USA…sooo good.

Shop Wise

If plan to buy stuff, do not wait until near the park’s closing to do so. Legoland stores offer the option to buy, and they will have purchases waiting for you before exiting the park. This way you can make sure your kids get what they want without your Cinderella syndrome making you urged them to hurry up! I know it is not just me.  

All in all, with these tips, add-ons, and little comforts a momma can find amusement and -gasp!- enjoy herself alongside her babycakes.

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