Turn Negatives Into Positives

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The Lesson

What is the best way to stay positive?

By maintaining a healthy outlook and choosing to look at the sunny side, you are more likely to remain positive. Okay, it is not always possible to be positive, but it is possible to change the perception of negative to positives. That way, even if you (as humans do) end up in a negative space, you can quickly find your way out the door.

The Challenge

This week’s positivity challenge is simple, something that I want you to practice daily. The minute you have a negative thought, turn that negative into a positive. The ability to recognize your self-doubt and self-sabotage is already a significant coup. Then, add to that victory, the finesse to see and speak the good. You now have a fundamental tactic to propel yourself to your goals. Watch the video below, practice it, then share your progress here or in our Facebook Group.

Mother, Consultant, Mavens 101 Founder, and Strategic Coach Geneen lends 20 years of professional and life strategy experience to each article and tool. Geneen provides her tactics to decode life's everyday and not so everyday problems, which, in turn, leads to personal, interpersonal, and professional growth. Geneen's Mantra is, start with intent and proceed with purpose-day by day.

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