Things to Do While Social Distancing

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Anxiety is a mutha! But, not a bad mutha. I appreciate my feelings of anxiousness as a mechanism we need as humans. Fear/concern exists to kick us into gear; it is our body and mind’s way of telling us to get ready. And so it is, as we plan ahead for semi-confinement, we stock up on food, medicines, and household supplies. Just as we fill our homes with fundamentals, let’s also fill them with intent. Geneen and other Mavens shared their plans. Plus, keep reading below for a curated Mavens 101 list of ways to while away the hours of social distancing. Add your ideas in the comments!

Things to do while Social Distancing

I’m looking forward to catching my child up on his work. He has ADHD and has so many distractions at school. I am taking the opportunity to figure out exactly where he is and how I can help. And-I think now is the time to teach him to sew.

Monica R.

De clutter ... Organizing my fucking house. It’s a mess because I never have time to tidy. So now I do. Hang pictures, clean out the socks that don’t match and donate some shit.

Things to do while Social Distancing

My kids are home from school, so in between my work and their work we will take some breaks and go for walks, dance, jump rope., etc. Plus, I will stay mindful of when my family needs to social distance ourselves at which time I will prepare dinner and enjoying some vino and they can have some screen time.

Things to do while Social Distancing

Bake bread because all the crazies cleared out the shelves. I also plan to support our favorite local restaurants by ordering take out & buying gift cards!

Karen D.
Things to do while Social Distancing
Things to do while on social distancing

Do my damn taxes!

I’ll now have three jobs for the next month (if not longer): 1. Full time single parent 2. Full time employee 3. Homeschooler for a 6th grader

Jen O.
Things to Do While Social Distancing

The irony of being quarantined with family isn’t wasted on me. Most families lead busy, hectic and often stressful lives. We’re passing ships in the night even though we live under the same roof. Between work, team sports, activities and work travel, our days and weekends are overly scheduled. I’m using this time to reset and cherish our family time together, knowing tomorrow isn’t promised to any of us. We’re having family dinner together every night. For us, that’s rare because of our scattered schedules and work commitments. I’m grateful for our family time and the rest, I’ll deal with it as it comes.


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