The Right Mindset

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There are two mindsets; a Growth Mindset believes that they can because they will and A Fixed Mindset, those who think they can because, well, they just can.

Which mindset is best? Read on!

The ideal mindset offer new experiences, opportunities, development, diversity, and variety. The best attitude is that which opens you and your world to the idea that you can because you are capable, and if you are not, you’ll learn.

The Growth Mindset the G.O.A.T of Mindsets

The best perspective for development is a Growth Mindset. Knowing that learning, practice, and work beget experience and achievement is the key to endless opportunity.  The net? A growth mindset is capable and ready to become a Maven of Self.  

Contrasting a Growth vs. Fixed Mindset
Growth Mindset

Now, let’s delve into the perils of a Fixed Mindset to grasp the ramifications. Then, keep reading the details and steps on how to change from fixed to growth.

If I am already good, why do I need to grow?

Welcome to the Fixed Mindset, the life perspective that talent and coveted traits are either inherent or magically manifest within you. You can not change or train for the better. You are not coachable or incentivized to move forward because you deem it impossible or unnecessary.

The danger in having a fixed mindset is that you will not develop or grow. Instead, a Fixed Mindset languishes or teeters near self-involvement. You believe you are ordained or bequeathed a talent, and therefore you don’t need to hone your skills. Here is the thing. You may not need to change, but times do. If you are standing still, everything passes you.

A Leader's Fixed Mind

Greg has successfully grown a small agency into a mid-sized agency. In the last two years, however, numbers are down. Clients continue to leave for agencies with more digital products and offerings.
Greg has been reticent to roll out digital offerings at his firm. He sees the opportunity. However, he does not see his ability to take it on. He surmises that his agency will continue to do what they do well and leaving the digital world to specialty agencies. He believes that his clients will stay and even return to his soon to be antiquated firm.

Greg’s fixed mindset leads to a failure in leadership, loss of business, and a struggling bottom line.

You are The Limit

In addition to becoming stagnant, as in the example of marketing exec Greg, an individual with a fixed mindset limits themselves. When you believe that your talents, intellect, and capabilities are won and not earned, you may not challenge yourself. If you deem something outside your natural talent sphere, you are less likely to go for it.

Stuck in Your Head

Lisa tells herself that her brain was not wired to speak a foreign language. So even with practice, she continues to have a difficult time learning to speak Spanish.

Limiting Others

A Fixed Mindset fixes their imposing beliefs on others, limiting and, at times, miscategorizing others. For example, a father can misdirect his child’s passion for basketball because he believes the child has a natural baseball talent. A manager with a fixed mindset, for example, may award or groom employees based on what he perceives as traits necessary for success. As opposed to looking at the sum of an employee’s work and deciding to invest and encourage his staff based on their capabilities and passions. A person who beliefs that their abilities are natural is less likely to give others a chance. They look at others through their narrow lens, and in effect, their world becomes narrow or even closed.

A fixed mindset lives a fixed life, existing in a state of perpetual self-involvement, and can easily become a creature of personally and professionally stagnant habits, opinions, and people equating to a less diverse and exciting life.

Remember, change without improving is just spinning.

Change your mindset for the better. Open yourself up to real growth marked by self-knowledge, self-awareness, and emotional intelligence. In doing this, you will open yourself to personal and professional development. In changing your mindset from fixed to growth, you will become a better friend, lover, spouse, leader, collaborating, and all-around human!

Are you ready?
Here are 4 quick steps to gather yourself and open your world to the Growth Mindset!
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