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I can’t imagine life without my phone. My phone makes life simple.  Well, my phone and my ten must-have apps! I have heard all the warnings about screen time, but with a Screen Time Limit app-problem solved! As a working momma my phone is a lifeline to my kids, an invisible cord linking us when we are apart. As a Maven, my phone is a handcrafted sous chef/virtual assistant/entertainment center.

Below is a curated list of ten must-have apps perfectly suited to make life a little more manageable.  


Top 10 Apps

I can’t laundry for myself and my kids.  I mean, it is seriously never ending, especially now that my both of my girls wear multiple outfits over the course of any given day.  Since we are all busy girls, I a little help from Rinse App.  They pick up our laundry (or dry cleaning), wash, fold and deliver.  Let me tell you, there is something so lovely about putting away our freshly laundered and beautifully folded clothes.  Rinse is available on IOS and Android.  

Spotify App

Spotify is the easiest and my favorite way to listen to music and podcasts on my phone, my Alexa, and my Apple Watch. I have had the app for a while, but thanks to the aforementioned integrations into all my gadgets, it makes my top 10 list. I love being able to play any artist, album, or playlist when I want. I also love that I can follow other users playlist and share playlist with other mavens. Plus, Spotify curates playlist based on the jams I frequently listen to.  Last, I love getting my year in review, thanks Spotify!  

While Spotify is free I opted for Spotify Premium Family.  This plan features no commercials plus each member of my family can have their own premium account.  Yay!  I don’t have to hear my kids Unicorn jams when I open the app.  


In addition to commercial free Premium also features the ability to listen offline-ideal for inflight.  




Manage your bills, track your subscriptions and get control of your money. Hiatus helps in 3 ways: 

1. See who’s auto-charging you and cancel unwanted subscriptions
2. Find out if you could get better rates
3. Stop overspending on monthly bills

I saved a little under $80 per month by canceling subscription, on auto renew.  


top ten apps

When you need to hire anyone – a landscaper, a magician, a contractor, a carpet cleaner-okay you get the point – Thumbtack helps you find and hire them.  It is easy, give the deets on your job, upload a pic (if applicable) and sit back while the bids come in.  Check reviews and safely communicate with potential professionals via the app.  


top ten apps

Speak to a great doctor. Real talk-I like the doctor I see on Plushcare more than my general practitioner. Get diagnosed and prescribed medication by phone, computer, or mobile app.  I typically used when I can’t shake a cold or the long Winter (and these kid’s germs) leave me with Bronchitis. Anyway, Plushcare is a turn-key, friendly, and responsive Dr visit from the comfort of wherever you are.  All this and without sitting in a waiting room with a bunch of other sick people.  I can’t recommend this app  enough.  Get it for a little extra peace of mind in staying healthy!

HeadSpace App

MavenMomma Must Have Apps- Headspace
Press Pause On It All

I have an app to get in gear, and I have an app to that helps me chill.  Headspace is a simple way to release stress with meditation and mindfulness techniques that bring calm, wellness and balance. Headspace guided meditations include focus, exercise (I use during yoga), and sleep.

Mavens 101 tip: try the 2-3 minute “mini-meditation” to reset when you’re overwhelmed need a little R&R, or to simply recharge.  

MavenMomma Must Have Kidizen app

Have you ever purchased shoes for your kids only to have that kid’s feet grow after wearing the shoes a couple of times? #momlife 

Anyway, problem solved with the Kidizen app.  This app makes keeping your kids stylish both sustainable and cost efficient. Sell the nice stuff they no longer wear/want and receive money or credit to buy your kiddos some other kids’ nice stuff.  See, it is the kids’ clothing circle with thousands of gently-used listings added daily! So Momma has her The Real Real and Net-a-Porter and now the Kidizen app for my girls.  

Tripit App

MavenMomma Must Have Apps -Tripit

If you follow MavenMomma, you know that I love to travel, with and without my kids. I discovered the TripIt app in my quest to make travel less stressful. Initially, I used TripIt to keep track of my flight itineraries; my use has evolved however, into that of a travel journal.  TripIt is a place to store travel information no matter where I booked the travel. I access interactive airport maps as needed, activate Go Now to remind me when to leave for the airport based on flight alerts. TripIt goes further, check on it.  

Instacart App

Mavens - outsource as needed

Another constant on my Ten Must-Have Apps list!

I forget things from my grocery list. Sometimes just as I am in checking out at the store. With one kid begging for gum and the other asking me questions about tabloid headlines getting out of line to go back for missing items is not an option.  Instacart, however is always an option and a great alternative to grocery shopping with kids in tow. 


I pick the store, load my cart, via the online aisles, choose a delivery window, pay, and voila! my grocery shopping gets done, and delivered directly to my front door. 

Instacart’s shoppers offer substitutions for items, not in stock.  They also do a terrific job of choosing produce. Presumingly they are not telling their kids to “put that down!” as they shop.

Mavens 101 tip, watch the pricing! Instacart notes when a store’s prices are more expensive on the app, in that case, I just pick a different store and keep shopping. 



Citizen App

You may remember this app by its previous name; vigilante. Citizen continues to offer real-time crime and incidents reports generated by Citizen Techs who listen to police scanners, translate into everyday jargon, then pin the location with details.
Citizen is available in the New York and San Fransisco Metro Areas, as well as LA, Baltimore, and Philadelphia. As as a big city residing momma it is a must-have app. I review what is going on in less familiar neighborhoods before I visit. Citizen also comes in handy before driving a particular route. For example, I once received an alert that a man was throwing rocks at passing cars, so I exited the freeway to bypass that route. There is also the option of recording an incident, which I admit I never use. I typically keep moving when I see crazy.

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10 Must-Have Apps

Reading Time: 6 minutes A curated list of ten apps perfectly suited to make a maven’s life a little more manageable.  

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