Wellness Guide [A Weekly Plan]

Reading Time: < 1 minute Use this wellness guide for your betterment. Mavens 101 daily prompts to self-development through your actions, words, and practice.

Soothe with Your Senses – A 101 Guide

Reading Time: 1 minute Get the 101 downloads on proactively using your 5 senses to soothe. And your 6th sense to mindfully work out the stress.

Solitude during Quarantine

Plan Solitude During Family Confinement

Reading Time: 3 minutes As we approach week 6-7, I lost count; there are those of us frustrated by the lack of space and time we have for ourselves. I mean, we love our family, but they are in our faces and spaces a lot. While the world stopped for some, for others, this crisis, added work, complexity, and hours to our days. This week’s challenge is to get away.

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