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Mavens101 Supportive Advice tips

How to Offer Supportive Advice

Reading Time: 2 minutes The best advice is empowering advice, unlocking one’s problem-solving ability with confidence. Learn “How to” offer supportive advice.

Daily SelfCare Prompts

Weekly Wellness Guide [Week One]

Reading Time: 4 minutes Welcome to week 1 of the Mavens 101 daily wellness practice. Enhance your personal growth with actionable and accountable tactics to enlighten and elevate your very essence.

Woman Stretching during break

Increase Your Energy [Productivity Hack]

Reading Time: < 1 minute Take a break to increase your energy and revive your daily flow. Use these simple activities to revitalize in 5, 15, or 30 Minutes.

Slay your self-defeating mindsets

Slay These 10 Self-Defeating Mindsets

Reading Time: 7 minutes Previously I outlined the five essential mindsets to increase your quality of life. In this article, I am going to outline the self-defeating mindsets that can block your development. In addition, I will share the attitudes and behaviors that will counter and slay your self-defeating mindsets. When you know better, you do better; read below to learn and activate your superpowers.

How to Visualize

Visualization 101

Reading Time: 2 minutes Fuel your dreams with vision. Visualize and manifest your goals using this visualization routine as a catalyst toward your action plan.

5 Podcast for a Better You

5 Podcast To Listen To Now

Reading Time: 2 minutes Mavens 101 presents our favorite Self-Improvement Podcast. Add any one of these to your daily routine to create positive habits.

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