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I can't wait to witness your spark of clarity.


Over the last ten years, I juggled single motherhood and my career as a Business Opps Consultant. Both roles comprise managing people and processes – helping my children, fortune 500 companies, and colleagues maximize their potential. I continue to juggle these roles with intent and purpose. I understand my position, goals, and what fulfills me. Knowing myself keeps me focused and successful in my endeavors.
Now, I couple my career and life experiences with my training from coaching luminaries Robbins and Mandanes to add to my roles; Strategic Coach.

I altered my state of being with intent. Now my habits, mind, behaviors are aligned to my purpose and passion. Knowing what I want and my boundaries allow me to be the woman I am today-centered, focused, thriving, and glowing. I now do the same for my clients and here at Mavens 101.

Do you want to define yourself? Do you feel the need to delve deeper into who you are?  Are you ready to unlock your full potential? You have already taken the first step to life fulfillment by coming here.  I have two options for you:

Option 1: Mavens 101

You can always complete the exercises and challenges posted to the Blog. Plus, by simply signing up to the website/mailing list, you gain access to all the tools in our Life Kit, a digital resource center – with PDF downloads. I write articles and craft tactics to help women achieve clarity, purpose, and fulfillment. 

This week’s life work centers on RestorationSelf-Esteem, and problem-solving. When you start to practice these techniques, you declutter your mind, shed any guilt, and the doubt that holds you back. 

We are all capable of restoration. Love yourself enough to claim your renewal today.  

Option 2: Schedule a Session

For those who want a more hands-on experience, I offer collaborative strategic sessions. These sessions promote moments of clarity and an inner spark to allow you to focus on and connect to yourself like never before. From there, I guide by utilizing targeted methods to find purpose and passion, culminating in a personal or professional action plan or blueprint. Reach out to schedule below; after, we can talk about any next steps.

Strategic Coaching