Bring Your Best [For Successful Endeavors]

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There is no one simple path to success, but there is a simple foundation.  The foundation of your success starts with you. Each achievement stems from your clarity of mind and presence as you work towards your goals; you work towards your goals with your goals in mind. 

There are three core ways to set yourself up for success: - Plan with Purpose - Do with Purpose - Rest without a care in the world

Plan with Purpose

Bring Your Best Plan
Bring your Best Plan

Organizing yourself and your work allows you to think and plan, so you do what matters when it matters most.

A simple way to consistently organize is to end your work day by creating or editing a prioritized to-do list, then start of your next day by reviewing your list. 

In ordering your steps, you make conscious decisions based on timelines and needs- conscious thoughts, words, and behavior and key to being your best.  

Work with Purpose

One of the best ways to work with purpose is to show up for every task and project with your sense of self and your goal in mind.  Don’t focus on checking it off your list; focus on what you are doing and why you are doing it.   

If you work with purpose in mind and bring yourself to everything you do, there is little chance quiet quitting is part of life or work mode.   

You can also try working and resting according to your Ultradian Rhythm.  Use the Mavens101 Life Rhythm tracker to learn and live according to your body’s natural cycles.  

Bring Your Best
Do your Best

Nothing without intention.

Find Your Zen

Be Your Best

What do you do to relax?  Schedule mini-breaks to rest, nourish, or recharge.  Remember that running on auto-pilot means you have subconsciously checked out what you are doing. Stop, relax, and come back focused and purposely in pursuit of your goals and that checklist.   

One quick way to recharge is with a quick breathing exercise-just; focus on your breathing for 3-5 minutes.


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