Steps to Achieving Your Goals

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Achievement is the result of goal-planning and goal-setting. Paving the road in front of you in a strategic manner is as vital as the daily tasks towards your goals. So how can you best chart your course? Start SMARTT with your clear vision in mind and on paper. 

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Lead with intent, understand the purpose your goal serves in your life. Why is this goal important to you? How will the goal and the work getting to the goal enhance your life. To answer, start with self-knowledge and self-awareness.

Sheila is thinking of going back to school. She knows that education is important to her, and she realizes that she thrives when she is learning and flexing her academic abilities. Still, she surmises furthering her education will further her career growth.

Shiela can now take the general goal, aligned with her passion and purpose, and create a SMARTT goal. Smartt Goals are goals that are specific, measurable, achievable, realistic, thoughtful, and timely.


Specificity is essential in goal setting; the clearer your goal, the more precise your steps towards that goal. To set a specific goal, one must ask and answer who, what, when, where, and how.

Shelia audits her career experiences and aligns it with her passion for knowledge. She nets out that she will obtain an MA in Leadership Diversity & Inclusion, an area she wants to learn more about while enhancing her career growth.

With a specific goal, you can move forward to mapping out a plan, including tasks and any benchmarks.   Use the Mavens 101 Goal Planner Worksheet to chart your course

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In creating a specific and measurable goal, you ascertain the achievability of the plan. Take a step back and ask yourself if what you have mapped out is viable. Make sure you are setting yourself up for success.

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Knowing that she will continue to work full-time, Shiela reviews her plan and decides she will only apply to programs design for working professionals.

Now is the time to turn your aspirations into realizations. Take your specific, measurable, and achievable goal; get real and make it real. Create a timeline and action plan that works for you. Prioritize each task by being realistic about what you can accomplish and when you can accomplish.

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Sheila originally planned to complete her MA program in 12 months, but after reviewing the course load, she considers work and life and gives herself 18 months - 24 months.

Be thoughtful in your planning, actions, and tracking of your tasks and the goal they support. In tracking your goals, be sure to reassess and change any tasks or habits that may stall and become obstacles. If necessary, think of different avenues and means to accomplish your tasks and, in turn, your goal.


As you go through your day to day, stay on top of your goal tracking. Hold yourself to your preset benchmarks and deadlines. If you miss one deadline, understand how it affects the overall timeline and deadline. Remember what you do today will count for tomorrow.

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Balancing work, school, and life requires due diligence. Shiela tracks her assignments, projects, and other benchmarks on her goal tracker. She monitors her progress, reviews her plan, and augments after slight hiccups or when facing obstacles. In tracking her SMARTT Goal, she improves her flow and guarantees her success daily.
Other things to consider:

Use your Mavens 101 tools and motivation to keep you going. Motivations can be vision exercises, evening journaling, and self-affirmations. Motivators include your support networks, such as friends, family, and an accountability partner.

Reward yourself – celebrate your wins as you track towards your goal. Self-Rewarding is a good habit as it reinforces the desire to succeed. Every task and every benchmark completed is another step towards your achievement; celebrate your way!

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