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Soothing Affirmations

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In times of trauma and high anxiety, we need to remind ourselves of our humanity, our need for peace, and the promise of a better tomorrow. Hold your peace by practicing your affirmations. Remind yourself that through acknowledging your mood and feelings, you can move through to the other side. The promise of tomorrow is always present, and you just have to remember it is there.

  • I can pause, acknowledge, and express my feelings; without letting my feelings overpower me.
  • I will express my emotions and thoughts in constructive manner.
  • I can shift and refocus my energy, where it is most useful.
  • I am doing my best, and that is enough.
  • Everybody hurts, sometimes.
  • I am not alone.
  • I am not the first, and I will not be the last.
  • I’m only human.
  • I can be all things, but right now, kind to myself is most important.
  • When all is not well, I know that it WILL be well.

Keep yourself in Check

Use Mavens 101 checklists as a means to monitor yourself. Stay woke to your motivations, thoughts, words, and actions. Increase your emotional intelligence by maintaining self-awareness.
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