Rid Yourself of Doubt

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Are you afraid to fail or feeling stalled by your thoughts of worst-case scenarios? Perhaps you are worried about what people will say? Do you look at your goal as a mountain and get discouraged by the steps needed to get there? We have all felt doubt in varying degrees. However, it is essential to rid yourself of doubt, which robs one of their future. It steals dreams, hopes, and crushes spirits. Don’t let doubt come for you and your goals. Rid yourself of all doubts using the below strategies.

Remember, it is normal for doubt to creep in, but you have to figure out how to show doubt the door.

The What

Recognize Doubt as Doubt

The first step in getting rid of doubt is to recognize when it rears its mopey little head. You may not realize that you are “hating on” yourself until you are too far into the negative pattern. As a result, you start to believe and internalize your doubts. You envision failure. Your body and mind cause you to retreat from making strides toward your goals. However, if you recognize the triggers and reasons for fear and uncertainty, you have taken the first steps to rid yourself of doubt.

The When and Where

Rid Yourself of Doubt

Pinpoint when you have self-doubt and understand where these thoughts stem.

Grab a journal.  We have some work to do.  

Change a negative into a lasting positive by defining the when and the where. Pinpoint when you have self-doubt and understand where these thoughts stem.

Note the Triggers​

Once you identify doubt, recall the triggers. What sparked your hesitance? Was it a place, a memory, or a person? Find that spark and extinguish it so you can continue your path to success.

Note your Feelings and Words

Consider the physical and emotional effects of doubt and write them down as or after experiencing them. Next, write down the words and terminologies you use when stuck in a rut. By identifying those feelings and reoccurring terms, you will start to identify self-doubt earlier before it completely takes over.

The Why

Now that you have identified your doubts and triggers, it is time to dig deep to understand why you doubt yourself.  Remember, don’t beat yourself up about doubting yourself.  It happens to everyone; the trick is to notice and rid yourself of doubt.

Positive thoughts become positive words, combined they lead to power moves.


Sit back, pull out your journal, and challenge your thinking.  “why do I doubt_____?”  Be specific, then answer, yourself honestly. Also, check the Mavens 101 Life Kit for the Goal-Getter Journaling Exercise.  I created this template for my clients to outline goals, intent, steps, and potential obstacles in order to be proactive and smart as they work toward their goals.  Try it today!

Copy of Goal-Getter Exercise

The How?

Break Your Goal Into Goals

When I started Mavens 101, I worried about how I would come up with the capital for everything that I wanted to do. I thought that, without an investor, I would not be able to achieve my goals. Then, I broke my goal into phases. I launched with what I could afford. Then, added on services as I began to make money.

Sometimes, doubt creeps in because we perceive our dreams and goals as too much for us to take on. The way you perceive your goals dictates the steps you take plus how you take them. So it is essential to keep a realistic and healthy attitude as you work for yours. Take steps daily towards your goals and break your goals down into more manageable tasks. Set benchmarks by giving yourself a deadline to complete tasks toward your goal. Then, celebrate the mini-goal!

Cheer for Yourself​

List and focus on your strengths. When you focus on the good, only good can come out of it. I find that I am most productive, creative, and high performing when I focus on my best attributes. 

Once you start to think and act with positivity, you will attract other positive and productive individuals.  

No one knows how to do everything, but we are all capable of doing some things really well.

Keep the Right Company

On the other hand, when we are experiencing self-doubt, we can attract negativity. Stay focused on goals by drowning out the nay-sayers and, more importantly, surrounding yourself with positive people who support your endeavors. 

Don't Internalize Criticism

Understand the difference between haters and constructive feedback.
We all need honest opinions, but you shouldn’t internalize unfavorable suggestions, comments, or feedback. Be thankful for critiques by using them to challenge yourself. Decipher which feedback is conducive to your purpose and goal and use it accordingly.

Any critiques that distract or deter you just toss them in the trash.

The act of throwing out or burning negative thoughts /comments can be cathartic. Several years ago, my leadership coach, Vanya Koonce, encouraged me to burn thoughts from naysayers to revive my entrepreneurial spirit. It worked and it continues to work.  

I don't know about perspective being everything, but it is necessary.

Don't Strive for Perfection​

First of all, there is no such thing as perfect. Perfection is an illusion. We all make mistakes. The trick is being brave enough to make mistakes. Welcome your humanity as a strength. Know that, sometimes, you will fail, but pledge from the onset to learn from all obstacles, errors, and failures and move forward.

I am a recovering perfectionist who can not point to one area of my life perfectionism enhanced. As a matter of fact, it stunted my growth and any sense of adventure. Once I released the burden of perfection, I doubted myself less often and continue to rid myself of doubt much sooner.

Practice Positivity

Finally, create a pattern of “yes, I can.” Continue to stay positive and remove anything, any thought, or anyone that blocks your growth. Read more about living a positive life here at Mavens 101. Most importantly, Keep going!

Download the supporting infographic to remind yourself of the steps to ease yourself of doubt. (Part of the self-development pack.)

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