Remember Your Awesome

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Self-Esteem is about knowing, owning, and taking pride in one’s abilities. How do you garner and/or build self-esteem? Well, the first step is knowing yourself. The rest? Love and better yourself-celebrate your great and accept your failures as learnings.    


This week’s challenge is all about tracking, honoring, and better yourself.  

Step 1: Download Mavens 101 Self-Esteem checkup. 

Step 2: Keep track of your inner and outside pretty.  

Step 3: Continue to love and progress to your own perfection.  

Mother, Consultant, Mavens 101 Founder, and Strategic Coach Geneen lends 20 years of professional and life strategy experience to each article and tool. Geneen provides her tactics to decode life's every day and not so everyday problems, which, in turn, leads to personal, interpersonal, and professional growth. Geneen's Mantra is, start with intent and proceed with purpose-day by day.

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