What is Mindfulness? 

Mindfulness is the act of living the moment, taking note of what is going on around you and how those moments and environments make you feel.  

For example, you can take notice of the sun, then think about how the warmth of the sun makes you feel.  Whether you are smiling or taking cover, as a result of your sun session, that is mindfulness.

Applying this practice to social media is the same.  Take notice when a post, a tweet, or story changes your mood.  

Accept this week’s positivity challenge; practice social media mindfulness.  

Geneen Wright, Mavens 101 Founder/Robbins-Madanes trained, offers strategic (result driven) Life Coaching for women.

Through strategic intervention coaching, I guide my clients through emotional blockage and areas of transition in their lives.  My practice provides actionable tools and techniques for every woman to garner clarity and connection in her life and relationships with self and others.  Ultimately, my clients move forward with mindfulness in order to meet goals.

Create a routine through Mavens 101.  Exercises are posted on a regular, so check-in here, often to check-in with yourself!  

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