Practicing Social Media Mindfulness

Practice Social Media Mindfulness

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As we take precautions from the Coronavirus, and refuge from the panic it induced, many of us are practicing social distancing, working and schooling from home. It is also essential to maintain your mental health over the next several weeks. Our minds can become infected by the hysteria-inducing hoaxes that spread as rapidly as a virus. So, be wary of false information currently circulating. Before you believe, check the source. When in doubt, check the myth-busting site and think before you post and repost. 

The Challenge

So this week’s positivity challenge is to practice social mindfulness as a way to promote mental well-being for you and all your social media neighbors. Besides tuning out hoaxes, here are some other things you can do to maintain mental steadiness this week and for weeks to come:


  • Follow positive accounts; unfollow those accounts that spew negative.
  • Delete negative comments; without responding
  • Post positive comments
  • Block malicious followers
  • Don’t look for trouble, i.e., your ex and their new loves.
  • Turn off app notifications.
  • Schedule your social media check-ins
  • Don’t worry about likes.
  • Stay active/switch things up – if you find yourself always online, think of a different activity. Look for a fun dance party or cooking video.
  • Develop a bedtime routine that does not include scrolling on social media.
  • Take a break from social media if you are feeling negative.
  • Stay Mindful of changes to your mood as you scroll. Note your triggers. Make changes to your environment/viewing as needed.
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