Solitude during Quarantine

Plan Solitude During Family Confinement

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“I love you, but go away.” I think as my 8, and 10-year-old daughters interrupt me as I am getting dressed. You see, they are arguing over a chair. Not who gets to sit in this chair, but the placement of the chair. Quarantine is wearing on us. I mean, we are a household of fluctuating estrogen-moods and attitudes during the best of times, but things are getting out of control. I sighed.
“You two figure it out. I have a call in 15 minutes. 

Ah, I don’t want to hear it!” 

I stop my 10-year-old as she “but moms” me. 

She storms away. I go after her.
“Have you eaten?” I asked.
“No.” She huffs.
“I think you should because clearly, your blood sugar has you confusing me with some chick on the street.” I walk away, congratulating myself for my Claire Huxtable moment. 

My glory is short-lived. Because there would be more battles, sass, and frustration all around as the day wore on. Did I mention the quarantined is getting to us?


As we approach week 6-7, I lost count; there are those of us frustrated by the lack of space and time we have for ourselves. I mean, we love our family, but they are in our faces and spaces quite a bit. While the world stopped for some, for others, this crisis, added work, complexity, and hours to our days. For more tactile advice, you can read 5 scheduling tips for juggling home school, work, and life schedules. Yes, you still need a life. 

Solitude is important for every member of the family. It reminds us of our individuality and makes whole as we come back together. If we don’t connect with ourselves, we can’t connect with anyone.

The Challenge

That brings me to this week’s challenge-schedule time to physically and mentally remove yourself from your family/household. Leave them kids, that husband, boyfriend, girlfriend, or whatever. Go outside for a social distancing walk, lock yourself in your bedroom, turn on some music, and drown everyone out. 

Humans need time alone. Our brains require downtime-sleep not included. Having someone always needing, wanting, talking, slurping, or breathing in your space is taxing. In short, create enough space and time where you mentally miss your peeps or at least wonder what they are doing.

time alone

How goes it with the girls and me? As I write this, I am locked away in my room. I explained to the girls that they better not come to that door for anything other than fire. Before my double confinement within quarantine, I made sure each of them had some solitary time. I explained the time-out was not punishment but essential for all our mental well-being. During each girl’s alone time doing what she wanted alone (Roblox), the other had mommy and me time (art). Today as they come back together, it is my turn. I love you both; now go away.

Together Again
Then we come back together, each in our individual positivity.

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