Personal Development Series

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Personal Development Series-VII

Intrapersonal Skills 101

Start here, to move through life proactively focused on smart growth.  Understand and practice Intrapersonal Intelligence which includes Self-Knowledge, Self-Awareness, Emotional, and Memory Self-Awareness, Self Esteem, and Self-Respect.  Learn how to master being and maintaining the best parts of yourself. 

Personal Development Series-VI

Identifying Human Needs 101

Watch as I demonstrate my staple personal development exercise, the 6 Human Needs to understand how it manifest in life. I start the series by exploring my need for certainty, from there we move forward as other mavens volunteer to showcase their own clarity.  

Use this template and the supporting video to guide your path to self-clarity. Take stock of your need for certainty, variety, significance, connection, growth, and contribution. Also, sign up for free access to the Mavens101 Life Kit with more templates and self-awareness tools.

Want to explore your feelings?

Sign-up for emotional awakening 101 with Geneen. Work thru feelings of guilt, envy, or anger by uncovering and revealing the root cause to reconcile and move forward in life, proactive and focused.   

Mother, Consultant, Mavens 101 Founder, and Strategic Coach Geneen lends 20 years of professional and life strategy experience to each article and tool. Geneen provides her tactics to decode life's everyday and not so everyday problems, which, in turn, leads to personal, interpersonal, and professional growth. Geneen's Mantra is, start with intent and proceed with purpose-day by day.

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