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After I had my babies, I had to tweak my wardrobe, a tidbit.  The sexy heels went to the back of my closet and out came my hot over the knee, FLAT boots instead. Because you know, running after kids all day long just couldn’t be done in high heels. My tight tanks got loosened, and I started rocking my Mr. Roger’s cardigan – two sizes too large, on repeat! God knows I didn’t want that postpartum tummy busting out. But my postpartum boobies, well I play those up. By adjusting my daily wear, I kept my Maven style intact, while simultaneously making it work for the momma.

The thing is, when you’re a mom, you can hardly have enough time to scratch your head for yourself, let alone the elaborate routines one requires to figure out personal style and fashion trends. I wake up in the morning 30 minutes before I get my girls up for school. Which means I have 30 minutes to shower, dress and primp. Okay, I don’t actually have time to primp, but I put forth a little effort.  So, I keep it simple yet stylish. How? Simple style requires a simple wardrobe. Here are seven classically simple items that are MavenMomma Must Haves!

#1 A Simple Little Black Dress

Shift or wrap, a simple black dress is a must have in any woman’s wardrobe.  For a busy momma, a little black dress it is a must-have! This closet necessity looks good on everyone and makes for effortless chic when you need to get ready in a hurry.  My favorite little black dresses is My 2662 Gwendolyn Swiss Cotton Dress I love the way I feel in this dress, with its breezy and comfortable material plus the asymmetrical hem that gives a hint of drama.  I play the dramatic flair up or down with flats, heels, silver, gold, or pearls. This dress can be worn whenever and wherever.  It is my go-to when I need to get it going.

mavenmomma in 2662 New York

#2 A Button Down

I love rocking a classic button-down with a pair of jeans and flats or layered on top of a graphic t-shirt with leggings and a cute pair of sneaks.  A classic button down is a great way to keep it simple or tre chic! I found my fave button down in the men’s section at Wasteland Resale shop.   I include some solid choices below in the Must Haves Shopping List!

Target White Shirt


Target Women’s Long Sleeve Camden Button-Down Shirt1

#3 The Perfect Tote

Every Momma needs the right tote bag.  We have our stuff and our kid’s stuff to carry around after all.  For me, the perfect tote closes. I mean, momma has stuff I need to keep in my bag.  I like width and depth, plus some inside pockets are necessary, especially one size for my cell phone and my lip gloss.  More options below in MavenMomma must haves!

#4 A Jumpsuit

I am obsessed with a jumper.  What’s not to love? I don’t have to worry about the right top with the right bottom, on those days where I can barely pull myself together before my girls are up and ready to be momma-ed.  For example, my denim jumpsuit is my amusement park uniform. It is perfect to jump in with my sneakers and party the day away with my girls.

Demin Jumper


Topshop Denim Utility Boilersuit

#5 A Dark Cardigan

Cardigans have never done me wrong. Remember that Mr. Roger’s sweater that I rocked after I had my babies?    I still wear them short or tunic, navy or black they are an element of my style. Functional, for layering and cute for me.

#6 Jeans That Fit

A good pair of jeans is what every woman needs in her life, but not every woman can wear every jean. I found my perfect jean fit by trial and error, after I admited to myself that I needed to give up my pre-baby jeans.  I realized that darker washes were more flattering on my child-bearing hips. Bonus!  My kid’s little handprints are less likely to show on a darker wash. I ditched the skinny fit for the comfy slim-fit, and I do love high waisted mom jeans. I found Paige and Mother denim styles that work for my body type.  But that is just me. Start your mission for the perfect jeans at a dept store like Nordstrom where you can try on various kinds of jeans by several brands. Oh! and be sure to take a fellow maven along, who will tell you when you are wearing wrong!

#7 Ballerina Shoes

Time and motherhood bring about change.  One of my most significant body change was that my feet never went back to pre-baby size.  And while going up a shoe size is not the reason I wear a lot of flats now, the fact that I could no longer fit my shoes was an excuse to restock my shoe shelves.  I thought before bought new shoes. What did I need and what would I really rock? I was always brought back to comfy and cute flats. My faves? A fun leopard pair of Lanvin slippers I found on The Real Real and my latest:



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