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Welcome to the Mavens 101 Life Strategy Program.  Here you will find the tools and tactics needed for self-guided holistic self-development.   In learning the necessary life skills, you will become a maven of self and own your life growth. 

Watch the introduction video below, then subscribe for an annual membership to the Mavens 101 Life Strategy Program featuring Self Guided Life Skill lessons, numerous activities, challenges, and quizzes. 

Subscribe for Proactive, Focused, and Smart Growth.  

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Life Skill Bonus Work

Gather yourself for more in-depth life work with these bonus lessons to nurture your character, values, and purpose and align all with your needs.

Annual Membership

Intrapersonal Intelligence 101

The Mavens 101 Intrapersonal Intelligence Course provides the foundation for all the "self" life skills-those which promote your controls; including self-awareness, self-esteem, and critical thinking. Get access to this course and more as part of the annual subscription to the Mavens 101 Life Strategy Program.

Individual Lessons

Tips to Stop Compulsive Shopping

Use self-awareness and the Mavens 101 change tracker to end compulsive shopping and flip to a productive and fulfilling passion pursuits.

Gratitude 101 Life Strategy Lesson

Gratitude 101

Practice gratitude for your inner peace and development. Open yourself up to abundant joy, because gratitude = positivity.

Decision-Making 101

Make decisions using Geneen's 4 step process. Be decisive with your confidence in tack, your values at the forefront, and perspective in mind.

Time Management 101

Learn Time Management Skills and stop juggling life, instead find balance in life with these 9 Time Management tactics.

Self-Awareness 101 Lesson Feature Image

Self-Awareness 101

Learn the skill of consciously acting on your self-knowledge with this second installment to the INTRApersonal Skills Course.

Identify Your Purpose Feature Image

Identify Your Life Purpose

Define your whats, understand your whys, and identify how each influences your life in order to strategically live your purpose.

Interpersonal Intelligence 101 from Mavens 101 Life Strategy Program

Know the Basics of Intrapersonal Intelligence

Learn the basics of Intrapersonal Intelligence in order to master the basics of self-development.

7 Life Influencers lesson Feature Image

Meet Your Core Life Influencers

Meet Your 7 Life Influencers and understand how these drivers move your thoughts, decisions, and motivations. Move these basics from your subconscious to your conscious for Proactive, Focus, and Smart Development.

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