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Browse Mavens 101 worksheets and infographics downloads. Plus, check the directory of resources that Geneén and the Mavens 101 community suggest for further self-exploration, guidance, and inspiration.

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Weekly Planning Template

Part of productivity is planning for your downs and distractions.  When creating your to do list do so with your goals and a little bit of encouragement in mind. 

Goal-Getter Worksheet

Don’t just set you goals, plot your course to get to your goals.  Use the Mavens 101 Goal-Getter Worksheet for proactive, focused, and smart growth.

Self-Knowledge Worksheet

The best way to start your self-development journey is to define yourself.  Write down what you know, you can fill in the rest as you develop. And remember, you can always edit and change as you grow.

Infographic Downloads

Resources and Recommendations

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5 Podcast for a Better You

Podcast that entertain, stimulate, create positivity, productivity,  and inspire to do and be our best.

In addition to Mavens 101, these are the apps that will help you create a holistic self-care ritual- which everyone needs no matter who you are.  

Articles, books, and blogs that speak to our hearts, minds, and souls. That inspire our drive, intellect and creativity. We share in hopes of inspiring you.

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