Life Influencers 101

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Our 7 Life Influencers are the drivers and motivators for our thoughts, decisions, and motivations on a subconscious level. These drivers flow from our personality into our presence within our relationships and communities. We subconsciously act on and prioritized these core drivers in different life phases and situations.  Furthermore, each life drivers plays a vital role in life fulfillment.

So what are the basic Life Influencers, and how do they motivate us?

7 Life Influencers Infographic

Why be aware of these influencers in your life?   It is all about self-awareness. Understanding your motivators at their core  allows you:

  • To think and behave on a conscious level.
  • To lead with positive intent.
  • To understand their affect on your negative behaviors so you can course-correct.
  • To align with your purpose and harness your power.  

Practice makes progress.  Take the Mavens 101 Course to learn more about the basic 7 influencers in you.

Learn and Lead

Using the 7 Influencers

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