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How to Offer Supportive Advice

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Random advice is like a party crasher- uninvited and vibe-killing.

There is advice that comes with preconceptions, and judgment-this advice is best kept to self. Life is not a one size fits all thing. What worked/s for you may not for others.

I have found that the best advice is supportive. The guidance that says, “I hear you and want to hear what you think and need.” 

How do you offer supportive guidance?

  • Listen without prejudice – No talking; simply hear what’s going on.
  • Intentionally Question – Clarify, repeat, understand-then ask thought-provoking questions.
  • Share to Relate – If you have been there, share your experience and what you may have done; talk about the outcome and, most importantly, what you learned through the process.
  • Encourage – Help to unlock their strengths, confidence, and decisiveness.

Here is a quick guide of prompts and questions that will help you master providing supportive advice:

Listen & Ask

Supportive advice language

Share & Encourage

Supportive Advice-Share and Encourage

By listening, asking thought-provoking questions, sharing your experiences and learnings, then encouraging you will provide supportive advice, that will empower an individual to unlock their decision-making skills and the confidence to move forward.  

Want to Develop Better Listening Skills?

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