How to Avoid Procrastination

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We all hit the wall now and again. There are, however, some tactics to bounce back in full effect. First, attempt to understand why you are procrastinating. Once you do your Maven thing and identify your “why,” take that self-knowledge and activate it! Use one or a couple of the strategies below to self motivate.

Motivation typically falls on two levels. There is the simple avoidance of doing tasks that we, quite frankly, don’t enjoy, nor do you see a higher purpose in completing, like washing dishes or folding the laundry. Then there are more long term goals like exercising, dieting, career, etc.

Below, review 10 general strategies to stay motivated to complete everyday chores and tasks + ways to stay on track with long term goals.

1. Lead with Positivity

By starting with positive intent, you tend to act positively and productively.
Go into your task with an upbeat attitude as opposed to grumbling and rumbling your way through.
Don’t stress about the work; stress is counterproductive.
“I refuse to let others stress me out; I, for damn sure, will not be stressing myself out.”
Be lenient and loving with yourself as you complete all tasks, particularly the challenging or less than exciting things you must do.

Productivity Affirmations
Try using affirmations to get yourself pumped and ready to start things off in a positive manner.  

2. Commit To a Timeline

Commit to fixed time or time frame to complete a task, do it, then reward yourself for getting it done. Having a fixed schedule works for some, while others are fine staying motivated with a more fluid program. Whatever type of plan you create, be sure that it serves your personality and anyone else involved with the activity.

3. Work at Your Best

Schedule tasks during the time of day you are most productive. First, pinpoint the best times of day to complete activities. Schedule low functioning but high impact activities in the morning like mediation, brisk walks, or reading. These actions tend to align us and enable us to focus and flow throughout the day. I go into more details on pinpointing your bodies Ultradian Rhythm, be sure to review and download your shine tacker!  

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4. Make it Fun

Throw on some music, and get it done.

When we start to associate mundane tasks with things we love, it can change our perspective and actually have you looking forward to, oh, let’s say washing dishes; okay, perhaps that is a stretch. However, you can turn the mundane into a moment simply by adding your own personality or passions on top of the work. I curate a playlist to get myself moving and doing. Currently, I am putting on some 90’s hip hop soul to keep me company while I do chores. Now, I look forward to reminiscing as I load the dishwasher.

5. Connect

Get out of the silo! Some tasks are best accomplished by a team or with company. Hit a creative wall? Set up a call with other creatives to revitalize. Need some content ideas, schedule a brainstorm with friends.
Now, imagine hearing a song on your back in the day playlist, and as you finish your closet reorg. You run to call your bestie and play the music on full blast. Doesn’t creating that opportunity almost make you want to go do a chore!

6. Break It Up

Sometimes we psych ourselves out to believing that a task is enormous. Break your projects into more manageable pieces and commit to doing what you can within a specific timeframe. So, if working on a class project with your kids, commit to doing a certain amount of work each day to ensure you complete without all the aggravation or last-minute stress.

7. Avoid Distractions

When you need to focus- put the phone down, stop scrolling the feeds, put yourself on do not disturb, and find the right head and physical space to get the work done.  

8. Visualize the End/Goal

Picture yourself done, complete, mission accomplished.  Doesn’t that feel great! 

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Whether it is a clean house, work, or a long term goal like weight loss. Connect and feel the resulting emotion (pride or relief) as you imagine your goal reached.  

9. Pause. Keep Going

When you get tired, discouraged, or just feel a little stalled, listen to your mind, body and soul. Take a step back and check on yourself.
Figure out what is going on with you or your external that is causing the stagnation. Then figure out what you can do about it to keep going. Tired? Take a nap? Lacking motivation? Come to Mavens 101 or go for a walk to get that brain and body going. You can always check in here when you get back!
Moreover, don’t get discouraged. Understand that a pause is not a failure; you can always pick it up or start all over again if you choose.

10. Rid Yourself of Doubt

Leave those haters where they belong. Not with you. Avoid people and thoughts that induce self-doubt. You can also read a more in-depth article on circumventing doubt here.

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