Hostess Gifts Ideas

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Mavens never show up empty-handed. So, with that thought in mind fast, we asked mavens from here, there, and everywhere their “go-to” Hostess Gift ideas. Mavens did not disappoint. Besides the party and spirits, of course, here are some hostess gift ideas from myself and friends along with gifting decorum from America’s Queen of Everything, Nicole Reed.  


Hostess Gift Ideas

Deidre O. plans to give the gift of happiness with the Little Book of Hygge, [HOO-gah]. In his book, Dane, Meik Wiking, travels the world to discover the secrets of the very happiest people. These studies inform his work at the Happiness Research Institute in Copenhagen and are now in a compact lil’ book, perfect as a hostess gift. Paired it with the host’s favorite tea or a cute little mug for extra Hygge.  


Hostess Gift Ideas
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My friend Anedra is always one to arrive with a bottle of my favorite drink-seasonal, of course. Grab a bottle of your host’s favorite wine and/or spirit, add a cute bow or wine carrier plus wine glass charms and you have just outdone yourself!

If you bring food or wine do not have the expectation the host will serve it during the occasion.


Hostess Gift Ideas
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Give hostess gifts to enjoy later. My friend Charles has become quite the baker. So I look forward to the goodies he brings to the table. I mean, he will literally show up at dinner with cookies he just baked for me to take home.

So it was no surprise to me when he told me he planned to bake a little something-something to take with him to parties. I can see all the personalized wrapping with amazing elegant notes for the hostess to unwrap the morning after her party.

Such a great idea Charles, so we must share with fellow mavens.

Don’t bake? Me neither, so I am one to stop at a favorite local bakery and pick up some treats.


Hostess Gift Ideas

In addition to adding a personal note to the baked goods, I will also pair it with a pound of the hostess’s favorite coffee or a small gift box of classic tea. Coffee or tea on their own also makes an excellent hostess gift.

Recipe Box

Here are some recipes my baking buddies love.

Aroma Therapy

Gift Guide
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One can never go wrong with a scented candle. Many give holiday-themed candles, but know that your host will only use during the holiday season unless they like to pine-scent their home year-round. So I love my bestie Bonnie’s gift of fragrance that lasts beyond the holiday.

Wearable Kindness

Dirt and Noise Gifts
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Melissa, the owner of Dirt & Noise Vintage, gives the gift of kindness whenever possible. Check out her online mecca of wearable kindness for a hostess gift that will inspire good vibes into 2020 and beyond.


Salt Dish

Now, I am going to get personal here, with one of my favorite hostess gifts ideas. I love getting and giving the practical stuff that you don’t really think about buying yourself, but you can put to good use. Think spice holders, tea towels (nice ones), wine decanters, and more. You can always check out the Mavens 101 Amazon Storefront (paid link) for more options!  

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Monogramed Stationery

Jessica W. likes to leave behind the gift of classic gratitude. Give your hostess and sweet thank you note and the means to keep it classy with her own stationery set.

Last, our gifting aficionado offers one last helpful tip for host gifts. Nicole reminds us to keep it simple:
“Hosts already have enough on their plate. Avoid gifts that require additional work. For example, if you bring flowers or plants ensure they are already displayed in a vase, which prevents the host from scrambling to find one.”

Whatever you choose to bring, just remember the perfect hostess gift is one that will put a smile on her face.  Happy partying!

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