Guard Your Joy

Guard Your Joy

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One of the best ways to stay positive is by not allowing anyone to steal your joy. There will always be those who seek to get a rise or elicit a negative response. Whatever their reasons, don’t take the bait. Don’t wonder why or try to analyze their behaviors or motives. Ignore and walk away. What is the point in reading someone who may not be able to comprehend your words?

Think about it, if you push a button and a light does not come on, you may keep pushing the button, but once you realize the light will not come on, you stop trying. Maybe you change the bulb, perhaps, you walk away, but you are not going to keep pushing a button that clearly doesn’t work! That is what happens when a person seeks a negative response as well. They will keep pushing until they decide to change their tactic.

Guard Your Joy

Misery loves company, but you don't need to allow it in.


Here is the thing you are not an immobile object. Negativity may try again, but if you walk away, who are they pushing? My granny always told me that to argue with a fool makes you look foolish. I take that to heart in staying positive. When someone approaches me with life-altering negativity or something that hinders my life journey, I choose another path. Repeat after me:

   You may not have my joy 

   You may not mess with my contentment

   You will have to excuse me while I continue to shine

The Challenge

This week’s challenge is one on inaction to stay positive and therefore productive. Do not visit with negativity-don’t allow it to visit with you.  

Guard Your Joy