Gratitude 101

Reading Time: 3 minutes

Gratitude 101 is the latest from Mavens 101 Self-Development series. In this lesson, Geneen uses intrapersonal intelligence to offer a holistic gratitude practice plan.

Gratitude goes both ways through intrapersonal awareness and giving of oneself; we can achieve the full effect of gratitude.

This Thanksgiving, as we give up customs of gathering in large groups, we can continue the tradition of practicing gratitude. Create new rituals and give thanks in new ways. Click here for the Mavens 101 collection of 20 acts of gratitude this holiday season.


Why gratitude?

With gratitude, people acknowledge the goodness in their lives. Gratitude helps people feel more positive emotions, relish good experiences, improve their health, deal with adversity, and build strong relationships. – Harvard Health.

Gratitude is a cornerstone life skill. Exhibit, give, and embody gratitude.

Gratitude 101

Step 1: Use Self-Knowledge

Identify all that you have to be grateful for using your five senses. This tactic is a great way to engage your brain with gratitude.

I am grateful for the smells of:
I am grateful for the sounds of:
I am grateful for the sensations of:
I am grateful for the tastes of:
I am grateful for the sites of:

Use your senses and this gratitude worksheet to define your gratitude.

Step 2: Use self-awareness

Take a mindful break in your day. Check-in with yourself to acknowledge all the life areas for which you are grateful.

Suggested exercises include:

A gratitude vision board – your gratitude at a glance, create the images, and make them your screen saver. Download your screensaver template here.


Drop your gratitude in your “Thankful Notes” box. Don’t have one; super simple to create one, and it is a terrific Thanksgiving holiday craft for the family.

Step 3: Mindfully connect to your emotions.

Note how you feel while being thankful or being thanked. Use your mind, body, and soul to identify the emotional results of gratitude.

Does being thankful make you smile?
Does it give you joy?
Maybe it calms you?
What else?
Take note; you will mindfully practice gratitude in seeking these good feelings.

Step 4: Use Your Memories

Memory evaluates your previous experience and emotions and your key learnings. In practicing gratitude from memory, examine moments, and challenge your thoughts on gratitude. Are there times you can flip from a negative impression to a positive?

Exercise: Journal using your All About Your Day Journal worksheet. Then think about the good and the bad things that happen. What are you grateful for in the good stuff? What are you thankful for in the bad stuff?

Step 5: Use Self-Esteem

Self-esteem is our internal self-critique. Concerning the practice of gratitude, we bolster our self-esteem when we exhibit and express gratitude.

Exercise: Write a letter to someone to whom you are grateful.

Think about the feelings and emotions elicited from their act of kindness, then write them why you were grateful, explaining how their act of kindness changed or enhanced your life; here is a template to get you started.

Step 6: Use Self-Respect

Taking pride in and taking care of your character is self-respect. So, let’s apply our gratitude practice to the principle of self-respect. In doing so, we define gratitude mantras and affirmations. We set in stone the words by which we live. Complete your gratitude mantras and repeat as needed to harness and hone your thankfulness.

Write in stone, write those things you are grateful for on rocks. Get creative, use colorful sharpies to etch your gratitude in stone, and carry or display it to remind yourself of all those things you are thankful for.

Bonus exercise:

In honor of Thanksgiving, we’re going to practice some food appreciation; we’re going to practice Thanksgiving gratitude challenge.

Think about the work that went into your Thanksgiving meal.
List those to whom you’re grateful for bringing the food to the table, from the farmer to the trucker, to the shelf stocker, to the grocery store clerk to the one doing the shopping to the cook; how can you show thanks to each one?