Goal Getter Aspirations

Goal-Getter Affirmations

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Distractions will happen, but one must recenter and return to self. This week’s affirmations align with January’s self-development of setting smart goals. Envision, then go get it! ⁠

  • I am clear on my goals.
  • I am specific in my goals.
  • I am focused on my goals.
  • I set realistic goals.
  • I create measurable goals.
  • I align my goals with my purpose.
  • I am thoughtful about my goals.
  • I manifest then build towards my goals.
  • No doubt, I will succeed.
  • I am a goal-getter.
  • I take steps to reach my goal each day.
  • My achievement is at hand.
  • No matter what, I keep going.

Create Smart Goals

Copy of Goal-Getter Exercise

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