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My Story

What is a life without purpose? Aimless and unfocused following. I know because I lost track of my own goals, needs, desires, and will. There was a time, I had my steps ordered with intent, but life happened, and I became dazzled by things that did not serve me. Inauthentic in designer clothes jetting around the world, might sound cute. But when they have zero to do with your passion and purpose, it is all for nothing. On the outside, I looked and lived goldenly, but on the inside, I festered. Until I reclaimed myself and all of my power.

I thought back to when I was happiest.

I recalled what got me up in the morning.

I realized that I mattered.  

What does it mean to have a life purpose? It is knowing and acting on your internal drivers to live with meaning, joy, and intent. Decisions, behaviors, goals, direction, should stem from purpose.


For example, when going to the grocery store, you are not there to merely meander down the aisle. Most of us arrive with intent; a list or an idea. We fulfill our needs by shopping for our favorite cheese, specific pasta, or those perfectly ripe tomatoes.

Lead with Intent, you can always grab a little extra along the way.

Similarly, journey through life with intent.

Our May self-awareness exercise is to identify your purpose. What drives you? What fulfills you? From there, decide on your life menu, and create it.


Take a deep breath. Think about times in your life that you have felt most fulfilled when you felt unique or needed. If you can’t pinpoint from your past, you have some homework to do this week. Take some notes on your emotions as you go through your daily activities. Can you zero in on moments/activities/and or memories that sparked joy and filled you with self-adulation? You have now taken the first step to identify what makes you thrive or your purpose.  



Now, one life does NOT equal one purpose. We all have many whats.  Zero-in on your many passions and pride evoking activities, list them and live them.  

I get up every morning excited to hear birds and see the sunrise. I look forward to drinking my morning cup of coffee, listening to a seminar, and seeing two cute little faces. I smile, knowing I am about to crush my day.

I thrive in nature, knowledge, care-giving, and running things.

I am a nature lover, a scholar, a teacher, a nurturer, and a boss.​


5 Reasons

One of my favorite breakdowns on Life's purpose from the Personal Excellence Blog Post - Why have a Life Purpose.

Mother, Consultant, Mavens 101 Founder, and Strategic Coach Geneen lends 20 years of professional and life strategy experience to each article and tool. Geneen provides her tactics to decode life's everyday and not so everyday problems, which, in turn, leads to personal, interpersonal, and professional growth. Geneen's Mantra is, start with intent and proceed with purpose-day by day.

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