Develop Cohesive Teams [a How-to Guide]

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Team cohesion is an essential component of building a solid workplace dynamic. A group needs to bond to effectively and efficiently:

  • Collaborate
  • Problem solve
  • Achieve goals

Structuring a cohesive foundation for your team will fortify collective communication, team well-being, productivity, and success.  Keep in mind the core tenets for bonding within the workplace: Align, Commune, Empower, Curate Culture & Wellness.  

Tenets of a strong team

Whether Hybrid or fully remote here are a list of strategies and exercises that will foster a sense of community and workplace well-being amongst you and your company’s crew.

Align Mission and Goals

Team Mission Collaboration

Gather your work-squad and brainstorm creating a team mission statement. Be sure that each new team member understands and “signs on” to the group’s mission.

  1. Define who(m) your group services
  2. Be clear about what you do as a group
  3. Detail why you do this work
  4. Outline how you do this collaborative work

Use this template:

Establish Goals

After you complete your team mission statement, have your team agree to short-term and long-term goals. Be sure your goals align with your mission and overall objectives. Then, weekly, provide status and true up these goals at the top of each weekly team meeting. For example:

  1. Team task(s) completed
  2. Individual task(s) completed
  3. Edit or realign goals as needed

Communicate to Link, Support & Build Trust

Interpersonal Connection

Get to know the individuals that make up the team. Then, start the process of communication and trust building by showing genuine interest in your team members.

  • Meet 1:1 as needed to get to know the person and discuss, needs, growth, and the ongoing work.
  • Ask how they are doing, actively listen to what they say
  • Inquire about the weekend/holiday, actively listen, and share when it’s the right time to speak
  • Meet for coffee or drinks 
  • Ask what they are enjoying about projects/company
  • Ask if they need anything
  • Follow up and check in on team members who express or seem to be having a hard day
  • Provide thoughtful, productive compliments and feedback

What is Your communication style?

Empower with Knowledge, Accountability, and Responsibility

Share Knowledge and News

Ask team members to share their learnings, success, and projects from the week. In doing so, you will further develop your teams’ skills and empower their growth. Accomplish sharing in weekly sessions or schedule special meetings for more in-depth showcases. Ideas for what to share:

  • Time Management/Productivity Hacks
  • Best practices
  • Case studies
  • Personal showcase (travel plans and exciting news)
  • Fun facts
  • Inspirations

Is there anything You want to share?

Curate Culture & Wellness

Promote Work-life Balance

Accomplishing a mission takes plans, work, and well-being. So take care of your team and encourage everyone to check-in and look out for one another. Ways to promote the good life and, therefore, good work performance are:

  • Sponsor Wellness Groups – meditation, yoga, or life skills lessons
  • Curate self-development sessions and individual work
  • Give mental health day(s)
  • Volunteer opportunities to foster a sense of collective contribution

Are You happy with your work/life balance?

Have Fun/Team Building

The team that plays together slays together. Group recreation fosters interpersonal connection, allowing team members to  get to know one another outside of the day to day workflow.  Some ideas that work virtually or in person:

  • Gaming competition
  • Happy hours or cocktail making classes
  • Paint and sip parties
  • Cooking classes

What is Your favorite team activity today? Why?

Celebrate One Another

Decide and communicate what performance merits accolades. Encourage each team member to submit award nominations (who and why). Acknowledge achievements, smart and insightful work, above and beyond behaviors, or anything you want to applaud within your team.

  • Send thank-you emails
  • Acknowledge in team meetings
  • Give rewards (gift cards, a day off, etc.)
  • Highlight via company intranet, social media, and slack channels.

How do You enjoy being celebrated?

Using the tenets for team cohesion: Align, Commune, Empower, and Curate Culture & Wellness you can create a strong team that does great work and enjoys working together.

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