Define Your Core Values

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Your values are those little things that you hold in high esteem. They are what matters to you most. Since values amount to how we live our lives, without knowing your’s, it becomes difficult to:

Make Decisions: A person who does not know their values is generally not the best decision-maker. Why? As you weigh your options, you consider them against your values. If you do not know your values, weighting options becomes a futile practice.  

Strengthen your character:  When you do not know your values, you are more susceptible to be influenced and live by others’ values.  

Find Your Purpose:  Keep in mind by finding your values, and you are bolstering your ability to live a life of intent. Essentially, your values are a map to your purpose.  

Meet Life Goals:  your values coupled with your purpose propel you toward productive and healthy habits. When you are aligned and proceeding with two core life-skills, your goals are just a check-list away.  

Define your core value set to become a better decision-maker, develop a more assertive character, a better sense of self, and productive life habits.

To find your values, you will rank what matters to you most.

Now it is time to true up your perceived purpose with your newly identified core values. Don’t have a working purpose? No worries, I have the Purpose 101 course for you in The Life Strategy Program.

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