Create Your EcoMap

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Map your social and community systems to align, appreciate, and preserve that which benefits you by creating an ecomap.  

Ecomaps originally developed to depict the environmental system that encompasses a family or individual (Hartman, 1995) are now used by many professionals to initiate a client-centered perspective.

As a strategic coach, I use eco mapping to help individuals understand their social landscape and grow from it. Think of an ecomap as a visualizing tool to help assess your core social ecosystems. Everyone and everything you are connected to and the roles each plays in your life. In essence, through Mavens 101 Eco Mapping exercise, you will identify and discover the quality of each connection in your life; from there, you can bypass or remove negativity. More importantly, eco mapping focuses on what matters and eliminates weaker, sometimes negative relationships.

Once your Life Eco Map is plotted, understand your social landscape, hold onto what is solid, focus on what is positive, and appreciate what and who benefits you.

Remember Download The EcoMap Template

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