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Your life influencers are the driving force in your life. Everything we do is motivated by one or more of our 7 Life Influencers.   Ideally when we align these forces with our purpose and intent we lead more fulfilling lives and are better able to accomplish our goals.  Makes sense that if you are using your driving force behind your goals you are setting yourself up for the win.  

In This Course

  1. Geneen will provide a greater understanding of each Life Influence. 
  2. Following this, you will complete a quiz to ensure you understand each influencer/driver.    
  3. Once you pass the quiz, you will then move forward to the Life Influencers assignments. Assignment 1- you will practice aligning your drivers with your life.  Assignment 2 – You will prioritize each driver’s role in your life.  
  4. You will then move fwd to your journaling exercise where you will examine each drivers positive and negative impact in your life.
  5. Finally, you will create a plan to harness your strengths and eliminate your weaknesses-to lead using your drivers, not leting your drivers chauffeur you.

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