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From making small talk to engaging in thought provoking conversations, Mavens 101 has you covered with conversation starters.  No more random moments of silence during the next cocktail party or painful pauses as you chat up the cutie at the bar.  One caveat to all of the below conversation starters- it is best to be an active listener.  Don’t listen to respond.  One of my least favorite people to speak with are “one uppers” you know that person who treats conversation like a competition. Oh, yes St. Barts is lovely this time a year.  I used to go but now it is so over.” Yeah, don’t be that person.  And if you are talking to him/her/them, excuses yourself.  


But I digress, without further ado, get ready to mix and mingle like only a Maven can.  

  • Introduce yourself, ask their name. 
  • Give a genuine compliment-keep it to attire as opposed to body/appearance.
  • Ask how they know the host, share how you know & how long you have known.
  • Work? School?
  • If school, ask about their field of study
  • What most interest them about the area?
  • If work? Ask what they love most about work.
  • Ask where the vacation
  • What is their favorite place in the world to visit?
  • Share your New Year's Resolutions, ask for theirs.
  • Looking for a new hobby? Ask for suggestions
  • Make yourself useful-ask if anyone else wants a drink!
  • Ask about any great restaurants they have dined lately.
  • Ask where they live. How long have they lived in that area? Favorite parts of living in the city, town, neighborhood? Least?
  • Comment on recent news story, but nothing too provocative
  • Have a pet or children? Do they? Share a funny antidote.
  • Ask about any excellent reads/museum exhibits/podcast etc...
  • Cheers (a quick clink of the glasses)or raise a glass to the host

 Be genuine in your interest and questions, as a result conversation will flow.  Need some material for conversation starters.  Check out my list of favorite podcast and TV shows, one of which I am sure will be discuss this season.  

Conversation Parties

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Mavens is a portal for women to find and connect to themselves. Create a routine with Mavens 101.  Check-in with Mavens 101 and check-in with yourself!  

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