Choose Positivity

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Why, Positivity

Positivity is life’s fuel; it propels us in our personal and professional endeavors furthering life’s satisfaction


A good life starts with positive thinking.  Without positivity, we do not grow in our shine but are halted by the darkness our negativity creates. Moreover, we spin out into negativity’s abyss, which affects virtually every aspect of life.

With every thought, your brain produces chemicals resulting in an emotion. Positive thoughts = well being. Negative thoughts = stress. In fact, science shows that positive thoughts reduce cortisol while producing Serotonin and Dopamine, creating feelings of pleasure and well being. (Scaccia, 2017)


Choose positivity to champion your own life and claim your life’s bounty. With Mavens 101 weekly challenges, foster and maintain positivity in your life.  

Choose positivity


Choosing positivity does not mean losing your voice. Positivity is speaking up constructively intending to make things better.

Positivity does not mean believing you can do no wrong. Positivity is owning, not wallowing, in your mistakes.

Positivity does not mean ignoring your problems. Positivity is facing your adversity, knowing that there is a lesson to be learned and strength to be gained.

Positivity, with practice, is a state of being

Stay Positive

Practice Makes Progress. Stay positive with Mavens 101 Content
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