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5 Ways to Change [Updated]

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We are going to talk about positive change by utilizing your intrapersonal skills: self-knowledge, awareness, focus, discipline and self control to manifest positive and productive change. You have all the tools you need to evolve for the better, now mix that with a little Mavens 101 guidance and let’s go.   

Positive thoughts, words, and actions lead to positive happenings and interactions, which lead to healthy self-esteem and self-development. Evolve for the better with these tricks and tips to turn negative into positive habits.

5 Steps for Changing Negatives Into Positives

Identify the Desired Change

Use knowledge of yourself, to identify behaviors, habits, and actions that are working against your life’s goals and objectives. Overall, any practice, trait, or behavior that does not serve your life, goals, purpose, or growth needs to be changed for your better.

Self-Knowledge example using Mavens 101 Comic Illustration.
Be Conscious of The What and Why

Change needs to be self-motivated. Meaning, you can’t change for anyone else. So instead of “I want to wake up earlier, because my husband wants me to run with him. It’s I want to run with my husband in the morning, so I want to get up earlier.  Whatever the reason, it should to better your life. 

Self-Awareness example using Mavens 101 Comic Illustration.
Figure Out Your How

Once you figure out what you want to change, lay the framework for how you will go about changing it.  This is where you will continue to utilize your awareness and incorporate focus, discipline, and reflection.  Continue reading below for the steps to create positive change and a for more in-depth guide , enroll in the Life Strategy Program.  

Use Mavens 101 Resources

Now is the time to download a Mavens 101 Life Strategy Tool. Download the Mavens 101 Change Tracker.  With the tracking tool, you will write down what you want to change and why you want to change, plus note when you are triggered, and finally how you plan to flip the habit to a positive and/or productive behavior.

Change Places, Spaces, and Actions​

Now is the time to focus and invoke your self-discipline skill by first pacing yourself. Time management does wonders for self-discipline. Time management enables you to order your steps. While self-discipline is you working those steps with intent and purpose. Also, change any environment that encourages or inducing negativity; last, actively flip negative to positives.

Start Small

You may need to break your negative behaviors into smaller deeds or actions. For example, if you pinpoint your meat consumption as a habit you wish to change, commit to 1-2x per week and gradually increase the meatless meals. 

Place and Space

If your environment negatively impacts you, start to remove yourself from the people, places, or things that adversely influence your behavior. For instance, don’t go to a burger restaurant if your goal is meatless.  Furthermore, if a negative mindset plagues you, it is time to put yourself into a better headspace. In this instance, you might flip a negative thought, statement, or feeling into something more positive. For example, you might decide that even though an event is not what you were expecting, you are going to get the most out of the experience.

Replace Negativity with Positive Actions

Decide what positive action better serves your purpose then replace it accordingly. For example, if you want to stop being overly critical. The next time you have a negative critique that you wish to share, stop and replace that critique with a compliment. While you may not like one thing, you can find another to compliment. 

Focus example using Mavens 101 Comic Illustration.
Discipline example using Mavens 101 Comic Illustration.

Remind, Reward, Reinforce

Review Your Tracker

Remember why you are making your desired change. Use your intrapersonal skills and think about how great it felt the first time you circumvented negativity. Remember that you may backslide; forgive yourself, and reward yourself for continuing your evolution.

Reward Yourself for Each Milestone

Try rewarding yourself with something that furthers your path to positivity, such as a new hobby, self-care routine, or book.

Remind and Reinforce with Self-Affirmations

Tell yourself that you can change and that you are worthy of positivity. Use affirmations to reinforce your positivity practice. 

Seek External Reinforcement

Just as you removed adverse environments, surround yourself with who and what is ideal for bettering yourself. Positivity begets positivity; find positive people to boost your shine and actively seek to expand theirs. 

Example of staying in the moment.

Continue Evolving

Practice makes progress. Continue changing for the better- day by day and situation by situation.  Use the Mavens 101 infographic to continue to develop for the positive.   

Mavens 101 5 Steps to Positive Change Infographic.
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