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Challenge Your Thoughts

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Right about now, we are all on information overload. It is during such times that anxiety creeps in, we start to feel overwhelmed with what-ifs and impending doom. But, don’t run out to the grocery store and hoard toilet paper; challenge your thoughts and approach your fears, rationally, with knowledge, and planning.

This week challenge your thoughts when your mind wanders into doomsday scenarios. 


Write down your fear.


I am anxious because…


Ask yourself, what are the odds of this situation manifesting? – Put it into perspective, give it a percentage if you need to. Are your fears founded, then proceed accordingly.


Likely? Ask yourself, what are you going to do about it, to keep yourself safe, without being irrational. Approach your solution as a way of calming yourself and keeping yourself safe. 


For example, my children were worried about going for a stroll due to the COVID crisis. Their concerns were fair. So, I asked them what they could do to feel good about going outside. They put on earmuffs, face scarves, and swim goggles, and we went for a walk. I knew that getting them out of the house was the goal. If the protective gear was what was needed to get them out, then wear it well. Afterward, each day, I asked if they wanted to shed one additional item. One day they left the earmuffs. The masks stay, and as of now, so do the goggles. It is a process.


Unlikely? Keep calm, keep your hands clean and out of your face.  This too shall pass.

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