Mavens 101 Self Development features articles, tools, and tactics created by Mavens 101 founder and Strategic Life Coach, Geneen Wright.  Delve into this starter material to get you ready for proactive, focused, and smart growth.

Find Your Rhythm

Plan With Rhythm

Reading Time: 3 minutes One way we can increase our productivity and maximize the timing for everything we do is to plan based on our natural rhythms. With this in mind, Mavens 101 self-awareness exercise is to find the best times to make, create, or accomplish whatever based on your body’s Ultradian Rhythms.

The First Step to Self-Development

Reading Time: < 1 minute Learn the two fundamental life C’s; Clarity and Connection, and why having both provide a great start as you journey towards self-development.

Guard Your Joy

Guard Your Joy

Reading Time: < 1 minute Don’t let anyone bring you down or derail your day. Block negativity and those who bring it. Guard your Joy.

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