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Steps to Achieving Your Goals

Reading Time: 4 minutes Goals are made to be crushed. Learn the steps needed to achieve your goals with strategy, vision, planning, tracking, and celebration.

Time Management 101

Reading Time: < 1 minute Time management is commitment and communication. It’s not a myth, but it does take effort. Make the decision to become a Time Management Maven, creating balance, and enhance your goal setting and achieving.

3 Life Skills for Work and Life Balance

Reading Time: 2 minutes Work-life balance is possible. We can all practice three skills to make our careers and life work for us-in tandem. Know that you can’t be all things to all people, then plan and act accordingly.

4 Steps to Decisive

Reading Time: < 1 minute Decisiveness is not a gift; it is learned and habitual. Learn how to make purposeful decisions to achieve life’s abundance and joy.

5 Steps to Productivity

5 Steps to a Productive Day

Reading Time: 3 minutes Staying productive, active, and mindful of our actions are essential parts of our overall well-being. Nobody loves idleness and chaos more than negativity. Here are five steps to a productive day.

Find Your Rhythm

Plan With Rhythm

Reading Time: 3 minutes One way we can increase our productivity and maximize the timing for everything we do is to plan based on our natural rhythms. With this in mind, Mavens 101 self-awareness exercise is to find the best times to make, create, or accomplish whatever based on your body’s Ultradian Rhythms.

10 Strategies to Avoid Procrastination

Reading Time: 3 minutes You asked and Geneen answered. Get things done! Mavens 101 Ten Strategies to Avoid Procrastinating. Mix and match these tactics to keep moving!