Bedtime Affirmations

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If you have trouble calming your mind before bedtime, try creating a comforting powerful bedtime routine. Repeat these ten self-mantras to ease, soothe, and prepare your body and soul for sleep.

As I lay down: 

  1. I am grateful for the day to do and the night to rest.
  2. I am content in my thoughts. 
  3. I am proud of my actions.
  4. I forgive myself for my mistakes.
  5. I will not allow anything to disturb my peace of mind.
  6. I am pleased and aligned in my purpose.  
  7. I lay down any worry I have, knowing I will deal with all, come what may.
  8. I look forward to tomorrow and the opportunities tomorrow will bring.
  9. I end today with positive thoughts.
  10. I will sleep in peace, knowing my mind, heart, and soul are at peace.
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