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Be Brave Be Boastful

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Why do we as women feel the need to down play ourselves? Why do a large number of us still feel that being proud and voicing that pride is paramount to being, un-lady like.   Does a woman in 2021 still need to be demure?  

Some people remain uncomfortable with other women claiming their worth.  Like a 10-year-old girl pretending not to understand math, women continue to avoid showcasing their talents to be liked. They apologize before they voice, “this is what I have done, and this is why I am important.”

Why? Because we are taught to be demure, to speak softly, and carry humility. Because we are told by those (who learned from generations before) that the “meek shall inherit the Earth.” Because we are classically conditioned to believe that being boastful is unbecoming. Because we witness strong women being admonished every day by politicians, media, and those around us. Keeping women “in line” equates to control.  

I am grateful that those who tried to control me and break me down did not win. I My boisterous self-adoration laid a foundation that some would try to shake only to walk away shaken. I remain haughty. I sing my praises just as loudly as I compliment others. And why not? I embody my achievements, and I give voice to my virtues. It is okay if you observe them on your own, but I prefer not to leave that to chance. I challenge you to do the same.

This week, celebrate yourself. Throw a virtual party celebrating you and write a toast to yourself that will inspire others to do the same. Post your favorite picture of yourself without the humblebrag. Just list everything that makes you, you. Claim your crown this week and read it every week to come. Know, own, and broadcast your worth. Let your haughty inspire others. 

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