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Geneen is a Strategic Operations Professional with a strong background in People Management. She started her career in event production for Gourmet Magazine before transitioning to Program/Client Management as mission control on teams branding large corporations. Geneen would then transition from client work to Resource/People Management across North America, and Europe.

People First.

In 2012, Geneen launched her consultancy and continued to work within large agencies in Talent, People Management, and Special Projects including streamlining processes; sourcing, onboarding, creating staffing and retention plans, and leaving behind best operational/people practices.

Geneen added coaching to her “people first” operational practice as an added value to her clients and colleagues. After seeing the impact on individuals, as a result, organizations, Geneen launched Mavens 101.com

Communicate Your Boundaries

"I decided to incorporate life skills into my "people first" approach. In helping people become "better thems" we create better teams and organizations.

Thus, we have Mavens101, a self-development resource. We provide the tools, and you move through the Life Strategy Program at your own pace with your own practice style. Everyone benefits from self-improvement; the trick is knowing the areas and the tactics to move forward. Mavens 101 provides just that, the life skills for proactive, focused, and smart growth.  Become a Maven of Self here at Mavens 101, courtesy of the Life Kit and the Life Strategy Course work.   

Geneen Wright starting her trek in the Atlas Mountains.
Geneen on a journey into the Atlas Mountains.

You can't show up as yourself if you don't know yourself. Discover your values, purpose, and develop goals and life skills with your true self in mind.

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