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About Mavens 101

Our story starts during the best and worst of times.

Our founder, Geneen Wright, deep into the dissolution of her marriage yet riding high on motherhood, decided to create a community for women to inspire one another. Coupled with these life experiences, Geneen culled her career background (Gourmet Magazine Events to Corporate Branding Account and Resource Management)  to create Mavens 101.com.  


We provide actionable and inspiring tools, to move our members, participants, and community through The Mavens 101 Life Strategy Program. And to make the world better – one human practicing life skills – at a time. 

"While working for Gourmet Magazine, I learned full circle people skills. I worked with world-renowned chefs, my colleagues at Conde Nast, and the excellence demanding public. Through it all, I created and cultivated wonderful experiences with laser focus while managing relationships and timelines. My career at Interbrand allowed me to hone my leadership, furthered my people skills, and gain invaluable business acumen. After deciding that I wanted to pursue a career in coaching I took courses with Tony Robbins including the masterclass. All of these learnings meld into Mavens 101 lessons, materials and talks."


Through her life experiences as a mother, world traveler, pilgrimage enthusiast, spiritual gangster, and common sense spreader, Geneen began to cultivate her Strategic Development Practice.  

"I wanted to empower women through my practice, just as I received wisdom from strong women around me.  I also wanted to share tools, which I developed and benefited." 

Geneén then started to study the tactics and teaching of life coaching from various organizations including Tony Robbins coaching program and WBECS.  

"Therapy helped me heal, but coaching gave me the tools to move forward. It provided a path and gave me the ability to chart my course. Once I had my stuff back together, I thought of all the women I have spoken to over the years who were stuck at various points in their lives and knew that my life mission and my life work was to help women move their lives forward proactively and powerfully."


Thus, we have Mavens 101 a self-guided coaching resource. We provide the tools, and you move through the Life Strategy Program and step by step articles at your own pace with your own practice style. We are all capable and can benefit from self-improvement; the trick is knowing the areas and the tactics to move forward. Mavens 101 provides just that, the tools for proactive, focused, and smart growth.  Become a Maven of Self, here at Mavens 101 courtesy of Geneén’s life, career, and learnings.  

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