6 Human Needs and You

Reading Time: < 1 minute The six human needs, initially introduced by Anthony Robbins, influence our thoughts, decisions, and motivations on a subconscious level. Our Human Needs flow from our personality into our presence within…

Strategic Coaching

Get your life with Strategic Coaching. Learn tactics and personal insights, from Geneen Wright, to create intentional habits with clarity and purpose to meet your goals.

Website Terms of Use

TERMS OF USELast updated May 16, 2020 AGREEMENT TO TERMSThese Terms of Use constitute a legally binding agreement made between you, whether personally or on behalf of an entity (“you”) and Mavens…

Be Brave Be Boastful

Reading Time: 3 minutes What has ever been achieved with modesty? Did being modest get your hard work recognized or get you promoted? Did modesty get you a seat at any table other than one in your home? Probably not. Boasting is not a bad thing and I will tell you why.

Plan Solitude During Family Confinement

Reading Time: 3 minutes As we approach week 6-7, I lost count; there are those of us frustrated by the lack of space and time we have for ourselves. I mean, we love our family, but they are in our faces and spaces a lot. While the world stopped for some, for others, this crisis, added work, complexity, and hours to our days. This week’s challenge is to get away.

Practice Grounding

Reading Time: 3 minutes Stay positive and productive with weekly challenges and tools. This week, “ground” yourself and reconnect to the present. The goal of grounding is to draw your mind back to your body by healthily focusing on a physical sensation. Get more details on the practice of grounding here.