6 Human Needs and You

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The six human needs, initially introduced by Anthony Robbins, influence our thoughts, decisions, and motivations on a subconscious level. Our Human Needs flow from our personality into our presence within our relationships and communities. We prioritized needs in different phases and times in our lives; furthermore, each need plays a vital role in life fulfillment.

So what are these 6 Human Needs, and how do we identify them? Once you learn these needs, apply self-awareness to examine and apply them to your own life. Rank them by order of importance to you. Understand both positive and negative impacts on your life? Challenge your rankings. Do you give too much weight to one need and not enough to others?

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Why understand how these needs influence you?   

  • To think and behave on a conscious level
  • To lead with positive intent
  • To understand how your needs affect your negative behaviors so you can course-correct
  • Because to know your purpose is to harness your power

Learn the Six Human Needs. Bonus, see if you can come up with outlier needs. I added sustenance as a physical and nature as my spiritual human need to my list. Let me know what you come up with, and if you need help, I am virtually yours,

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