5 Steps to Productivity

5 Steps to a Productive Day

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As we work from home, a key to our productivity is how we organize our days. Staying productive, active, and mindful are essential to overall well-being. Nobody loves idleness and chaos more than negativity. In that spirit, here are five steps to a productive day.

Create Space

5 steps to productive

Where you work has a direct effect on your mood and productivity. Create a workspace that is clean, comfortable, and organized. Less clutter mean little to no distraction. Also, keep it comfy without making your workspace, plush-your purpose is to work, not sleep. If you need visual stimulation, make it pretty, add color, or sit near a scenic window. Add soft music or nature sounds to create a productive ambiance.

Work at Your Best Times

For better workflow and output, follow your body’s rhythm; schedule work that requires more brain function during times of the day when you are more high functioning. You can keep track of your productivity intervals with the productivity tracker, found in our toolkit.

Schedule Breaks

Use your breaks to recharge. You can’t power through your day without recharging. Go for a mindful walk, eat a nourishing snack or lunch, stretch or dance.

5 Steps to a productive day

What is a Mindful Walk?

Walk with awareness of self and your surroundings.
Walk, notice your breathe, your steps, the trees, sounds, and colors. Don't allow your mind to walk back to your desk or what you need to do next.
Be present while active. That's all to it.

5 steps to a productive day

Schedule Meals

When busy, we often neglect our physical being. According to a study published in Proceedings of the Nutrition Society Eating at the same time or within the same time frame is best for your digestion. In addition to dietary benefits, eating at the same time gives your mind and body much needed energy to get stuff done.  Remember no one works well while h’angry.

Plan for the Next Day

At the end of your workday, review your day. Move unfinished tasks to the next day. Add a star next to incomplete tasks and most important tasks. You will naturally pay extra attention to starred items. Complete your daily to-do list, including deadlines and scheduling based on your most productive times. Note: I am not a fan of taking my to-do list to bed, I find it causes me to go to bed thinking about my next day as such, I leave my to-do at my desk. 

Bonus Step

Reward yourself because every good day deserves and even better evening. Decide to make it a good day with a magic night as incentive.

Life Skills

Practice your life skills with tools and tactics from the Mavens 101 Resource Center.
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