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The Hygge Planner Show​

Self Improvement Podcast

The 15-min break for Quiet 30+ women to Unzip Comfort Zone & Craft A Cosiness-Based Way Of Life So That You Can: 🌟 Nurture A Sense of calm & safety 🌟 Gently put yourself first with Me Time (to recharge) 🌟 Be unapologetically confident on will​

Before Breakfast

Self Improvement Podcast

In each bite-sized, daily episode of Before Breakfast, host Laura Vanderkam shares a time management strategy or an answer to a listener’s schedule question. The short, but impactful episodes jump to the top of my listening queue each weekday morning.​

The Happiness Lab

Get schooled on the science and inspired by stories of happiness.  In “The Happiness Lab” podcast, Yale professor Dr Laurie Santos shares the research stories that will forever alter the way you think about happiness. She’s changed the lives of thousands of people through her class “Psychology and the Good Life,” and she’ll change yours, too.

5 podcast

The Tony Robbins Podcast​

The Tony Robbins podcast gives you access to Tony’s proven strategies for success so you can accomplish your goals, too. Whether you’re looking for insight into how to build a bigger business or deepen your relationships, you have access to all the tactics Tony uses in his own life.

Hurry Slowly

Self Improvement Podcast

I know it sounds counter intuitive but, listen to Hurry Slowly. Learn how to be more productive, creative, and resilient through the simple act of slowing down.

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Mavens 101.com is a portal for women to find and connect to themselves. Create a routine with Mavens 101.  Check-in with Mavens 101 and check-in with yourself!  

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